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Well, at least now they are being honest about it..

I have actually read, on quite a few occasions, where women deny that claim. The even bandy around the NAWALT. Well guess what, here is the truth from their very own mouth, confessing what we have known to be the case all along..

In this day and age where women have access to more money than ever before and now understand what it brings, their claws are out to ensure there is plenty more where that came from. Being unable to control her own spending under the claim that they "Are worth it", endlessly end up in uncontrollable debt . The major pastime in the majority of marriages, is to control the little woman's spending. A task that is not only endless but always ends the same.way. That argument will never be the one you win as deep inside in their DNA, that spending molecule lurks. I am glad to say that not all are afflicted but the few would be too rare to mention..

It is ofcourse the reason why marriage breakups are so profitable and every company and lawyer thanks their lucky stars for the introduction of the no fault divorce, Manna from heaven or the real interpretation of that bit of legislation "How to Transfer Wealth from Men to Women", and it's working beautifully..

In two years I plan to be pregnant by a rich man so he’ll have to marry me and support my life of luxury

– Louisa Mason, proud to be
a gold-digging Piranha

'I want a beautiful house, designer clothes and a fabulous lifestyle' ... Louisa doesn't intend to work after she has children
'I want a beautiful house, designer clothes and a fabulous lifestyle' ... Piranha Louisa Mason
Published: 08thFebruary 2012

THERE are plenty of fish in the sea – but wealthy men should watch out for the Piranha.

This ferocious type of woman charms her way into a rich man’s bed just to get pregnant and live a pampered, lavish lifestyle funded by him.
As divorce lawyer Diane Benussi revealed in The Sun yesterday, she has encountered women like this who have tricked men into having unprotected sex.
Whether the Piranha marries or drops their target, the result is the same — financial security.
Career girl Louisa Mason, 24, is proud to be part of the Piranha phenomenon.
She said: “My aim is to be married in the next two years to a very rich man. The easiest way to do this is to get pregnant — and then I know that he will marry me.
“Rich men are very easy to target. I have been doing this since I was about 17.
“I want the nice things in life — and when I have children I have no intention of working.