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One no longer requires any more evidence to demonstrate that slut-feminism, as well as slut-feminists, promote and provoke violence. It is not anything the authorities want to know about or are willing to contain, let alone make any investigations even though that hate has been clearly demonstrated by forums "RadFem Hub" or the like of "Jezebel". One has to be white and male in order for any action to be taken. Male hating and violent women are ofcourse just ignored as they have been for a very long time, although there are signs of that finally changing..

Here is an article from Men Matterz..

Jezebel Magazine and other feminists openly promote violence against men

7 Apr (Please bear with me for a moment, as I wanted to indulge in a little reverse role journalism that many feminists partake in when attacking MRAs.)

Upcoming symbol of a violent war on men?
The feminist on-line magazine Jezebel, which usually focuses on celebrity news, gossip and dating advice, recently published an article that openly and unrepentantly promoted the feminist ideal that brutal physical violence against men, who do not act in manner fitting to their social theories, is now become a necessary course of action. The article written by a women who calls herself Allison entitled Why I punched a stranger,  (originally published heredetails an incident she had in Boston where she viscously assaulted a man who she believed had either complimented her or asked her out on a date.
“They said things like ‘hey baby’ and ‘you girls wanna sleep with me tonight?’ as well as the eloquent ‘OHHHH!’, an urgent effort to draw attention to two women holding hands. At the next block, another dude said something. I don’t even remember what it was. I don’t think it makes a difference. I turned around, swung, and punched him.”
The condition of the unidentified man is unknown at this time, and it remains unclear if the Boston Police department was alerted nor whether they were able to identify the assailant. Allison admitted she might have experienced a psychotic episode, which caused her to savagely beat the man.
“I’m not exactly a placid person, but I’d never punched someone before and I believe in the merits of peace over violence. Whatever that guy said wasn’t the worst thing that’s been said to me by any means. I just snapped.”
Reenactment of possible injuries sustained to the unidentified man
However, Allison was unapologetic about her violent actions, stating that physically assaulting a person is the only acceptable recourse when confronted with man that either shows some interest in the woman, or worse dares to ask a feminist out on a date.
“I wasn’t going to take it. It’s not okay how so many men behave as though they have the right to aggressively address strangers on the street because we’re women, and it’s not okay that we are expected to take it with a smile.”
Allison goes on to make a public call to all women, that they must engage in preemptive violence towards any man that each feminist deem deserving of assault. She also left a blood chilling warning to all males of what to expect.
“I’m sharing this story because I want to be an example for women….I’m sharing this story because I want my male friends and allies to be aware that street harassment is an everyday occurrence, it feels awful, and you can and should stand up to it.”
Scores of feminist readers of Jezebel magazine roared with approval, many justifying the violence as a necessary evil. Here are just a few of their comments.
The feminist in the front appears to be dressed in military type gear and is holding what looks like an automatic rifle.
One comment from a person calling themselves honey badger don’t care’ said violence is the only thing a man will listen to:
“Ugh. I don’t blame this girl for punching anyone. It’s absurd that anyone would victim blame her, or press charges against her for simply defending herself. And I do believe it’s defense. Being punched is probably the only thing that may make some dickwad think twice about harassing women on the street”
‘dgoat’ also expressed a feeling that violence was the only way:
“You know what? I’m completely fine with her response. Nobody ever wants to admit this, but sometimes a small amount of violence can make a point that no amount of calm, reasoned arguments can.”
Jezebel reader ‘hutchnorth1′ also supported the perpetrator, agreeing with ‘dgoat’s’ assessment:
“In an ideal world, this wouldn’t need to happen but if someone crosses the line that much, it needs to happen…. Violence is necessary sometimes, and I don’t fault the article writer in the least.”
SyphiliticMermaids’ hesitated a bit, but ultimately did give full support for the violent attack Allison committed:
“O ya, I dont condone violence, but sometimes you just gotta let them know. I support you Allison!”
Jackie Jormp-Jomp’ chimed in to applaud the disturbing attack:
“honestly, i commend you. there are so many times when i want to punch someone in the face, but would never have the balls to do it…..maybe this douche will think twice the next time”
Frequent contributor to Jezebel named I’m Ron Burgundy?’ chimed in with his approval of brutality:
“..more women should take the initiative to knock out more dudebros”
A reader named spektor86′ joked about her concerns over the viscous beating:
“The only thing I’d be concerned about are my relatively nice hands.”
Several of the comments were from people who admitted that they had already begun to implement this type of violence measure. Manda’ talked openly about her violent past:
“Thrown quite a few punches (most recent one was last Friday on the B-Line when this ass was being…well…an ass and ended up ruffling up a friend of mine and lighting a cigarette inside the train and then blow the huge drag into her face) in my lifetime and I love to hear about ladies standing up for themselves”
Another person, Yoana’, detailed her past brutality as well:
“I’ve punched, kicked, hit, pounded with a backpack, kicked in the groin, whipped with a water bottle over 10 people, all of them within 8 months”
Jezebel regular ‘chelsea..dagger’ admitted to a brutal attack she committed, and how she escaped the scene of the alleged crime:
“I recently did this…I punched him. In the face. I’m not going to say it was my proudest moment, but I felt that I had warned him repeatedly….At that point my friends hustled me away and into a taxi”
Some feminists don’t even believe this violence approach should end with just them. ‘itscarin’ talked about a story where she was thankful the police threaten a disadvantaged and presumably homeless man with death, for simply walking in her general direction:
“A crackhead once approached me as I was walking towards my car, so I sprinted for it, and right as I locked my doors two under cover cops jump out of their car with pistols drawn and pointed at the crackhead. He was maybe about 10 feet from my car. I’ve never been so afraid in my life!”
The author of the article, nor the editors of Jezebel magazine could be reached for comment. It isn’t certain whether Jezebel will continue to publish articles advocating violence against men, but it is clear that men will need to take immediate precautions in order to stay out of harms way. One expert advised, “Never to talk to nor look at a female in public who you don’t know. Be aware of your surroundings and be advised that any contact with these women may result in serious injury or perhaps even death.” It is unclear how many feminists will take up the call to arms, but by all indications, it’s only a matter of time before the bodies begin to start piling up.
A small band of feminists heading towards a possible mission of violently attacking male bistanders.

Sorry about that brief journey into horrible journalism. However, I thought it was important to demonstrate that this is how many feminists attack Men’s Rights Activsts online today. And it’s not to far off what it’s like arguing with many of them either. But I certainly don’t see any end in sight on that side of things. I mean why make well reasoned arguments when you can just twist words and context around to attack people you disagree with? It’s easier to paint a group of people as something monstrous, than it is to actually engage in productive dialogue. It screams intellectual bankruptcy, and today a growing number of feminists are in Chapter 13