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Art imitating life or brainwashing the young earlier..

Sadly, in this day and age, this is a legitimate question..
I'm going to graduate next year and my mom is telling me that its time to start looking at colleges to attend, but with all the news I keep seeing about debt, feminist influences, and PC influences I'm wondering if its still a good idea. I don't want to (go to) college for years and come out with a ton of debt plus I'm already tired of the feminist brainwashing and the foolish people that I'm dealing with in high school and I certainly don't want to put up with anymore of that. What do you guys think I should do?
One does not need to look far to see the bigotry and blatant anti-male bias already established in the halls of academia, or should that be halls of indoctrination. We noticed a few weeks back where those wimps were forced to "Walk a mile in HER shoes", like it's life consists solely of walking around on four inch, high heels, probably does, as it makes her "feel" sexy. But it soundly demonstrated how feminised any male is, whenever attending those halls of non-learning..

Those shoes by the way, indicate absolutely nothing. What they should really have done was given them a sex change and made them pregnant, so they could have a really good experience on how those poor, little souls have to endure all those bad things. Sickening really. They are designed to deal with it, even generating their own painkilling and numbing chemicals to reduce pain levels and also they normally go back and repeat it, which does make one ask other pertinent questions.. 

So further education at those houses of stupidity, does appear to requires some thought, as why would one pay to be humiliated and denigrated while paying thousands in fees and ending up with a third class education. I really do not envy any guy heading into university or college these days as their experiences are and will be life changing and for the worse as well..

Meanwhile the numbers drop dramatically as more and more guys drop out of school and don't bother attending those Colleges or Universities either. When that environment is that toxic, one can understand why and no one gives a damn, no one wants to know anything about it. So much for all those well meaning education departments, who are supposed to "care" about education of the young. They are way too busy servicing those privileged princesses as they waltz through without a care in the world.

It truly is a nasty situation, a rude shock..

I do not even have to provide links to stats. that demonstrate it or examples on Colleges and Universities to demonstrate their sexist, male denouncing behaviour, as it is all that obvious as well as being blatant..