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In it for the money. Just the appropriate heading for a magazie to expose this example..

One revelation after the other and it would appear to some, that the "money grubbing Piranha" is a rarity rather than being the norm. What level of ignorant female would commence a site that states "". I mean really, it akin to stating that vegetarians eat, you know, vegetables. As Bernard suggest, it may be a good exercise just to read such sites as this, as it has been instigated by another one of those "learned" females who are of the opinion that this topic is new and should be enhanced and fostered. Promoting that "all women should automatically choose partners by using a pay graded scale" is just old hat. One practice that ensures, that if she so wishes and definitely would, can have her endless, over bloated, credit cards reduced, while also given her the opportunity, at 30, to just sit back and commence spawning at will, meanwhile it will be up to the sucker partner to provide her every wish and whim..

Wow, I am sure every single male lives for that outcome. Especially in this day and age..

I just cannot comprehend that mentality, that completely selfish attitude, but it is nothing new. Women have been doing this for centuries and now when it appears that they may have to actually pull the same load, they baulk and scream and hiss and scoff at the idea. This is after they have ensured that endless entitlements are aimed at their "special Vs", while the male has to still do the exact same thing he has been doing for eons, for centuries. Meanwhile he may have to relinquish his position to the PC demands of the opposite sex. A demand that will ensure that she will not achieve her dream life as she has been part of that same system that has allowed the removal of any man from their place of work at the whim of any female, how is that for job security. This entire argument is just fascinating..

The "goes round, comes round" saying will ofcourse deliver her just deserts as we witness a plethora of women complaining that there are "No Good Men Left" or the latest "Where have all the Good Men Gone". Well, it looks like they are going to find that out..

The other issue is ofcourse that this will exact some level of retribution. It is a different thing pretending or ignoring that it actually exists, rather then stating the bleeding obvious. It will eventually come round and bite them in their well powdered arses. As we witness the deterioration of marriages, the increase in Fathers being reamed by the family courts, men being financially raped of every cent they possess and all of it, gleefully handed over to the woman. Then they wonder why there is some hesitation in lining up for the princess to begin a partnership, when she finally signals her preference in doing so. This is also where the first activity she undertakes, will be to demonstrate how excessive and narcissistic reality, as you walk her down that isle..

Ka...ching !!!..

Again, we just sit back and watch and wait until that reality bell rings, wondering if that obvious clanger will finally dawn. I just love that "ignorance is bliss" term, don't you.