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Feminists just hate normal people, especially their own sex. The won't listen..

I will run this new format for a while and just see how it pans out. With this new format you can change the views to any of the options above and pick the one that appeals the most. I will be tweaking it in the background a little, so expect some changes but nothing major..

Plan B: The previous serious of menu/pages did slow the entire operation down with increased download time and ofcourse increased bandwidth and that sucks. So we will try this newer version of the old. A little bit more familiar..

Update : The new option will at least allow linkage to social pages, which is ofcourse an advantage. So a little more tweaking and that will be it. Nothing new under the sun, as they say.

The other reason for the change is some ongoing recommendations by Blogger which appears indicate that if I do not choose to change they will make that decision themselves, eventually. Also the new range of option being made available will work better in this new format..

Tell me what you think..

Christian J.