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There are some precautions one must take before reading the next post, as possible dyslexia or total reoccurring cognitive delusional dissonance may eventuate or a sudden attack gastric reflux could surface or even worse, conniption may even occur. It could even be the case that one may accidentally hit the screen as an automatic reaction or suffer a blackout after witnessing this next statement, so please take extra care... ready..

You have been warned..
A real feminist is self-giving and provides love.
Deep breaths, slowly, in, out, in out, good, now a drink of water, that's it. You are doing well and the colour is coming back. good, breathe again, excellent..

Now that a precedence has been set, we have another startling revelation..
A real feminist is self-giving and provides love. She opposes abortion,
That statement is actually real, I kid you not. It was written by this delusional cretin ..
It must be true as it was written by a woman, you know. You can find the rest of this delusional ranting right here in the Times of Malta and the more amazing thing about that literal nonsense is the title, which of itself is another contradiction as it states precisely what that hate movement totally opposes..

True feminism is pro-life

The only reason I came across this inane drivel is because I have several Google Alerts set which covers a range of titles and names and this particular article turned up under "radical feminists" as somewhere in the article that term has been used so I get a list on a daily basis for perusal. Works well. One can witness the pathetic efforts of Hugo Schwyzer, if one wants to, begging his way back into the nappy fold as he continues to grovel. I have a list of other lesser scum from that movement as well as actual topics of interest and ones I actually read out of interest.Worth a try..

Anyway back to Charlene. Here we have another version of the usual examples of "Make it up as you GO feminism", as they do. There must be moments in these slut-feminist's lives, where they actually believe that they are part of a normal existence and can inject any preference they like and claim it to be "feminist". It truly is an interesting concept. They appear completely oblivious of the fact that they are actually trying to introduce some endless oxymoron and then try to convince any hapless new version of homosapiens, there is no such thing as being oxymoronic..

Slut-feminism allows and promotes this type of behaviour as we have already witnessed, as they claim all things that have ever theoretically existed on this planet, as being deeply entrenched in their doctrine. Even although their maniacal theories are busy trying to lie their way into everything currently, let alone anything from the past. So there you have it. Another demonstration on how delusional the slut-feminists really are, how pathetic their efforts are at trying to be all inclusive when in reality they do not represent anyone except their own meager lunatic cadre, aligned to their own political party. They really do live in some third dimension and have problems with current realities..

There is absolutely no need to mention that abortion issue as it has already been demonstrated as being their very own hail mary, the pinnacle of their achievement and their very own idol. One they hang all their efforts and admiration on and are fighting right now to ensure it's existence is sustained..