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This expresses that inane rage and their sheer determination of being often, offended..

I can remember listening to a new song last year on Youtube, put out by a rapper whose name I cannot remember, singing a song that I forgot the title of, but I do remember the chorus and it went along the line of "Feck you, feck you too". now, THAT I remembered. .

That particular tune contained some responses from the guy after he had been wronged by his now, ex gf. kicked her to the curb for being too narcissistic or something along those lines. That chorus immediately came to mind when I read Paul's article about the rantings from another mindless minion of that endless, nagging, feminastie movement..

They are akin to a being afflicted with herpes or eczema, that returns now and again just to remind you how annoying and irritating it really can be..

One would have imagined that they would finally run out of topics or subjects to moan and bitch about , but I was ofcourse, wrong. But they are on the way out and like that song echoes, kick em to the curb and one mustn't ofcourse forget the chorus as it definitely applies to such mindless incorrigibles as Courgette or was that Coquette and her ilk, chorus everyone... "feck you, feck you too"..

Nice catchy tune actually, expressed the topic nicely I thought..

Feminist Destination

I hate Dr. Tara Palmatier

And of course, consistent with the title of this article, I hate TyphonBlue, Teri Stoddard, Izzey and Girl Writes What. And those are just some of the women that have contributed to this website. Needless to say I hate Barbara Kay, Christina Hoff Sommers, Erin Pizzey, Katherine Young, Kathleen Parker, Phyllis Schlafly and all the upcoming  women, like Bettina Arndt, in the rising chorus of female voices that are critical of gender feminism, and who, shock of all shocks, think men and boys are getting a raw deal from society.
Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, I hate my mother, God rest her soul, my partner of 10 years, and every other woman who has ever lived.
In fact, if you ask a blogger named Coquette, who recently had her work posted to The Daily, my hatred of women is the only thing that drives me as a men’s activist. Well, that and my narcissistic rage.
She said this not of me personally, mainly because she didn’t name a single MRA, critique a single MRA position, or point to a shred of evidence that supports her conclusions. They are just a small part of a barrage of ad hominem and straw clutching offered up by Coquette as her response to the existence of the men’s rights movement.
She goes on to describe men’s activists as impotent, toxic, dangerous and twisted. How she left out bedwetting kitty-killers I will not try to ascertain. And how all this male shaming is supposed to apply to all the women now speaking on behalf of men’s rights will also remain a mystery.  Her entire argument hinges on casting MRA’s as a bunch of unidentified males who can’t get laid.
I had high hopes when I recently offered some heartfelt advice to those so threatened by the idea of men and boys being treated equally under the law that they have gone on the attack in the media. I wanted to help them see the wisdom of actually arguing points of fact and addressing issues head on, as well as the wisdom of not throwing rotten eggs at your enemy that just wind up landing on your own head.
It is disappointing to see they didn’t take that advice, but I won’t let that stop me from another opportunity to point to their stupidity and laugh. Once more we review the basics, which are not near as laughable as the likes of Coquette.
Men are:
94% of industrial deaths and accident (NIOSH)
76% of homicide victims – DOJ
80% of Suicide victims – CDC
The overwhelming majority of rape victims.
Male rape has been called “The most closely guarded secret of American prisons.” (Weiss and Friar 1974) There are estimated to be over 300,000 male rapes per year in American prisons and jails.
Of the top fifteen leading causes of death, men lead in 12 categories, are tied in two and trail in one.  Even though more women die of heart disease each year, men die of heart disease many years earlierCDC
Yet while there are numerous federal offices on women’s and girl’s health, not a single one exists for men or boys.
There is blatant anti-male discrimination in the criminal justice system and the sentencing disparity between men and women exceeds that between whites and any other minority – DOJ
A man convicted of a capital crime is TEN times more likely to be executed than a woman for the same offense.
There is more, of course; much, much more. So complete is the list of laws and institutions that favor women at the expense of men that we keep a more complete list of them here for reference. All you have to do to see the staggering unfairness of it is imagine that men are human beings.
While Coquette and others are waxing paranoid and hysterical about men’s advocates being dangerous and twisted, these are still the issues driving what we do, and no amount of sexist shaming is going to make them, or us, go away.
We are only dangerous to ideas that have long been exposed as sexist and socially destructive, and the notion that we are on the way out isn’t exactly supported by the mainstreams increasingly panicked and pathetic attempts to marginalize us.
Bernard Chapin sent the link to Coquette’s piece, and quickly put forth his own reaction. View it here.
Spot on, Mr. Chapin.
Perhaps though, the most telling bit of drivel hammered thought Coquette’s keyboard was saved for the end of the article. Says she:
That being said, it’s not fair for me to summarily dismiss all men’s rights issues because of the questionable character of certain men’s rights activists. A number of the issues themselves have some merit, especially those in regard to gender neutrality in the practice of divorce, paternity, and child custody law. 
Of course, the legitimacy of any particular issue doesn’t legitimize men’s rights activism in general, and it sure as hell doesn’t excuse the movement’s undeniable undercurrent of hatred towards women.
Oh, I get it now. The issues are legitimate, just not the people talking about them. There are problems with divorce, paternity and child custody, but the people who are most affected by those problems can’t talk about them because Coquette and a bunch of other myopic idiots will call them hateful for doing it.
In the last two paragraphs of her piece, Coquette demonstrates perfectly the ideological arrogance and hypocrisy that forms the crumbling foundation of gender feminism. Hell, she is even making our points for us while telling is to shut up about them.
And that, I suppose is also more evidence of how effective we have become, and where this dialogue is ultimately headed.
Just like the SPLC and others who have recently produced slipshod attacks on the MRM, Coquette was forced to acknowledge the validity of the issues, even if in a dismissive, grudging way. The podium has already changed enough in terms of ownership that they are forced to publicly acknowledge the issues, even as they attack us for talking about them. Why? Because the public is catching on to the issues now.
They are watching injustice swallow their son’s and fathers and brothers; seeing them fail out of schools, railroaded in family courts and dragged through the mud of public opinion after false allegations. This is happening to real, flesh and blood men and boys who are loved and connected to family, not just some imaginary fat cats at the top of society’s ladder. The days when “men have nothing to complain about” are part of the cultural memory, but not the current dialogue. And these lying pieces of shit know it.
Undoubtedly, the men’s movement is a reaction to the excesses of modern feminism, and to the age old excesses of male disposability inherent in the old paradigm. It has been a long time coming.
The real knee-jerk reaction, though, is coming from the other side of this. Complacent gender ideologues, feminists, have counted on and enjoyed obsequious silence from the masses for half a century as they busied themselves with advocacy for sexual elitism on behalf of women, with men and boys picking up the tab.
That gravy train is about to derail, and that right quickly. One set of wheels is already off the track. You can even see that in the comments to Coquette’s piece, which without exception trash her for being the ignorant bigot that she is. Like I said, the choo choo is hittin’ poo poo.
For the first time ever, there is mounting public opposition to VAWA that is translating to “no” votes on the floor of congress. It is not because of MRA’s directly, but because we have presented the facts about domestic violence –  and the uglier facts about domestic violence industry – to the public in defiance of people like Coquette. And now they are listening. It is no longer political suicide to vote against that corrupt piece of legislation because people are no longer buying that it is a vote against women.
And check this out. The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has just REPEALED the equal pay law in that state. Does that sound like a joke? It’s not. Of course, the write up about it linked here is all aghast at this as the lefts newly dubbed War on Women, but even in that article they could not ignore (but oh, they mightily tried) the real rationale for the move.
After criticizing Walker for the un-p.c. recognition that men who were heads of households actually need to make money commensurate with their obligations, they let the real impetus for the change slip through the cracks.
The law was repealed because there is no gender wage gap. It is pure feminist mythology that has been debunked time and time again. Walker simply took the highly novel initiative to repeal a law that never had a basis in reality to begin with. That knowledge would never have been expressed by a sitting governor unless someone, perhaps a group of frustrated guys who can’t get laid, had not so doggedly pushed for the truth to prevail over ideological falsehoods.
And THAT, my friends, is precisely why we are under attack. And why the attacks are so completely foolish and inept. We are getting the truth – aka feminist Kryptonite – out there.
So expect the trend to continue. You will see more and more votes against VAWA, and more push back against corrupt laws based on agitprop and misinformation. And each time you do, you will see someone rush out here to the internet to attack this website, someone like Bernard Chapin, or as in this case, a generalized attack on unidentified meanies who are at once terribly dangerous and pathetically impotent.
It is the only thing they can do, folks, because they cannot ever really address the issues. But the times they are a changing. The worm is turning and lies are burning. Their whole house of cards is about to go up in a puff. What you are seeing is just the desperation that comes with them waking up to it.
Believe me, it does my heart good. Just to see their frantic scrambling to point the finger at me and my brothers, while they comically pretend our sisters aren’t standing right next to us, every time one more their lies bites the dust, is an absolute highlight in my day.
Must be time to crank up the action around here.

Written by Paul Elam

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Paul Elam is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men and the founder and co-host of A Voice for Men Radio. He is also the Dean of Student Affairs at FTSU.