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One should really give some thought to these poor creatures. One should remember that some have actually guaranteed themselves a lifetime of misery and suffering by dedicating themselves so selflessly to a movement that is so prone to fail, so self interested in it's own destruction and so intensely preoccupied at ensuring they spend a life of utter and total uselessness in society..

They Certainly DO..
Give some consideration to those who have so cheerfully given up their education and concentrated on an irrelevant and superfluous existence as one only can with "Women's/Gender Studies", some have even ventured further and pursued a PHD in that useless irrelevant, self delusional academic achievement while convincing themselves so readily of their own victimhood. It would have been more to their own benefit and advantage to pursue something more relevant, something real and more based on their mindset and talent, like being a sanitary engineer or even a Foxologist, that would have at least allowed them to chase a rodent chaser, they could even feel as if they are actually doing something useful, something worthwhile. But alas, they chose the easy way out and became another public funded troughist. A real problem and should really be declared as being an ailment, but I digress..

No, those people having dedicated their worthless existence to something even more so, should be recognised and given a special "Sorry Feminist Day", so people can witness and judge for themselves what a totally useless University degree actually looks like and be stunned by the response on how these individuals can justifying their inane decision. It is not too often that one can recognise such ludicrous behaviour that coincides with such a total disregard for half the planet's population..

Be sure to ask for an autograph and a photo as this will probably be the only time these people will actually have something to do..