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Another robotic cretin incapable of rational thought..
We are already well aware of the fact that wherever and whenever  any slut feminsts are involved, one can forget about scientific integrity and wallow in their political and demented interpretations. One example of their delusional representation of human existence, was to claim that both sexes are not the product of their sex, but of their environment. Never has a greater lie been promoted, it sits very comfortably in front of the "for the sake of the children" meme, which ofcourse has no other meaning except to award the kids to the mother whether or not she is a capable responsible parent is basically irrelevant..

So we have this battering technique that the slut-feminists, who claim authority and pretend at being experts, discuss another topic, this time it is how to bastardise another condition "masochism". There is absolutely no proof or any substantiated scientific facts or otherwise, to indicate that the slut-feminist movement can point to, that can prove without doubt, that their inane and unworkable theories are nothing more than a state of mind, depending on your level of indoctrination.

They have made one insane change after another, just to witness them being torn to shreds as being the actions of immature and childish minds,. Who are so determined to destroy masculinity that reason, substance and facts are thrown out to the wind. There is every indication that their very action and reason for existence, would have normally come about via normal demands and living conditions, without the vitriol and their endless promotion of hate.

No one can claim that the slut-feminist movement have furthered anything except their own greed and dysfunctional efforts at trying to change everything possible, in the hope that something will improve. They absolutely nothing to replace what it is they are destroying. Typical actions of progressives. Let's change everything for the sake of change, but have nothing installed to monitor, guide or study it's outcome. Let's see how many lives we can ruin in the process and how much of the population we can destroy and remove..

This has been going on for years as this article will demonstrate..

Behavior: Battling over Masochism

The women came to reason. But just in case reason did not suffice, they thought to mention the possibility of a massive lawsuit against the American Psychiatric Association, charging it with violating the civil rights of all women. The meeting was "very heated," according to its affable chairman, Psychiatrist Robert Spitzer, and in the end reason prevailed: "masochistic personality disorder," a red flag to feminist scholars for at least two decades, will not be an official diagnosis of American psychiatry after all. Instead, the proposed category will be known as "self-defeating personality disorder."
"They expected a fuss, but they didn't think the issue was important enough for the size of the fuss we made," said Denver Psychologist Lenore Walker. She was one of seven feminist psychologists and psychiatrists who were invited to Manhattan last week, all expenses paid, to sit in on a closed meeting dealing with proposed revisions in psychiatry's diagnostic bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Third Edition). DSM-III is of crucial importance to the profession. Its diagnoses are generally recognized by the courts, hospitals and insurance companies.
Walker, who chairs the women's caucus of the American Psychological Association, knows the conditions under which masochism is casually diagnosed in many women--she is an expert on battered wives. Freud thought women were naturally masochistic. Weighed down by this intellectual baggage, feminists say, therapists often speculate that victims of wife beating stay with their mates because of a secret liking for punishment, failing to observe that the women are demoralized or terrorized.
Spitzer and his colleagues were happy enough to give up the word masochism, but seemed stunned by the determination to chip away at the concept behind it. The feminists seemed surprised and indignant that the meeting descended into the usual picturesque result of successful lobbying: a bit of old-fashioned horse trading. "At one point they offered us a deal," said Walker. "If we backed off on masochism, they would create a sadistic disorder to cover wife beaters." No deal. The group began to discuss a supposed hallmark of masochism, the willingness to endure pain. "Oh, you mean, like early-morning joggers?" inquired one of the feminists. "No, football players," said another; and a third chimed in, "What about high heels or girdles?" The hallmark was dropped. As compromise clauses hummed through the air, "we sat there horrified," said Walker.
To Psychologist Renée Garfinkel, a staff member of the American Psychological Association, "the low level of intellectual effort was shocking. Diagnoses were developed by majority vote on the level we would use to choose a restaurant. You feel like Italian, I feel like Chinese, so let's go to a cafeteria. Then it's typed into the computer. It may reflect on our naiveté, but it was our belief that there would be an attempt to look at things scientifically."