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Fruit is always a good indicator of the mindset..

One wonders where one has to wallow to generate their mindset. They obviously have a different perspective on life they link into, in order to fantasise and generate their neurosis. It is not uncommon for a feminist to arrive at such an opinion as they are constantly fed a plethora of false information that has nothing or very little basis in reality. Anyone can make a fanciful argument using only their confusion and utilising a plethora of irrelevant doses of misconstrued facts to argue any issue they feel they should. Even when the method chosen only demonstrates their delusional mindset and has no relevance to the subject or topic at hand..

That fear issue again raises the fact that a certain level of the population prefer to thrive on their chosen path, their level of ignorance and obvious stupidity shines, like a beacon, or in this case, a bowl of fruit..

Proof That Fidelbogen is a Criminal

know a certain Carmen Miranda feminist who carries a head-full of fruit, and I've been tossing limes and pomegranates back and forth with this person. Yes, yes, we all know that argument with these people is, well . . . fruitless! So that is why I do not argue with them. I might appear to be doing so, but in fact I am only engaging them -- which is not at all the same thing. For I happen to believe in the old adage of "know thine enemy", and although you can do this while merely observing thine enemy from a distance, an important dimension of knowledge will escape you if you neglect the "hands on" aspect of learning. 

So that is why you will sometimes find me dancing round and round the mulberry bush with feminist twits, nitwits, half-wits and fruitcakes -- even when comrades say, "Fidelbogen, you are wasting your time arguing with these people." My response is twofold: 1.), that I am not truly "arguing" with them, but rather studying them, and 2.), that I am showing them up for the benefit of non-feminists who are not quite activated yet, but leaning in that direction.

Yes, I am both studying the enemy, and making the enemy play the fool in the eyes of a candid world. But in particular, I am mapping their mental weak points so I will know how more efficiently to block and dismantle their game. For when you learn such things one-on-one, you garner valuable insight toward blocking and dismantling feminism as a whole. Such, at any rate, has been the fruit of my own effort.

I recently got a long-ish message from Carmen, as I will call her. I gather she is from Alberta, and is involved in the domestic violence industry there. I think you will be entertained by her mental gymnastics as she tries to conceal, from herself and others, her hatred of non-feminist men and women. With typos verbatim, here it is:
"The men's support groups are often involved in organized crime and are criminals. I would guess that you are promoting human trafficking and child porn. That is waht Men's groups faking their own abuse or acting as pretended under-dogs do.  
"The MEN's GROUPS here are involved in the child sex trade and child porn. They are supported by hookers which have inflitrated the services. You appear to like only filthy hookers and those who have the attitude of woman hate which is common to hookers and child sex trafficking women.  
"I understand that you are making efforts to spread the hatred of women and their degradation world wide. I can see that you want decent people to get out of the way and that the scum who support you oftenb make efforst to terrorize women who disagree. This is simply an exercise in bringing them out. There is no conspiracy against men. There is however an organized crime child sex sales and hooker sales conspiracy in which women bacl;ked by scum are taking over the management of the child porn industry. I would giuess that this is your goal as it is the only goal of faking that women have even achieved equality let alone abuse men.  
"Nowhere have I seen any evidence that women have equal rights in the USA or anywhere else. I do see that many women support sex trade operations against their gender for the enrichment of their male handlers and owners. 
"You are obviously a CRIMINAL. 
Now, to be completely fair and honest, I must admit this isn't quite so bananas as it might first appear-- although it is still quite bananas. You see, I know what brought this on, or at least I think I do. I am pretty sure, based on contextual evidence, that Carmen was "triggered" by my most recent YouTube video, the one about feminism's diseased underbelly.

Carmen's mind, which had somewhat settled after our previous exchanges, now went into reactive overdrive. My brief against feminism, based on the Agent Orange files, drove her to compose a counterpart story about a global conspiracy of so-called "men's groups" involved in sex trafficking and child pornography. Feminists are nothing if not wildly imaginative, and Carmen is obsessed with these issues in particular. You have just read her narrative, which was her way of pushing back. The trouble is that she was working in haste, so she did this poorly. Her analysis is slipshod, as hasty things will be, and is very unlike our own counter-feminist analysis, which has ripened for years.

And a touch of irony, like a twist of lemon peel, sits on top of all this. In a separate statement, Carmen replies to a quip which I'd stolen from Henny Youngman:
"Folksey charm. Fidelbogen you are delightful sometimes. Too bad about the woman hate thing."
Once again I must be honest, for my outlook on women is one of finely honed objectivity. I prefer not to have any illusions about women, so I don't sugar-glaze them any more than I'd sugar-glaze the rest of reality. Likewise, I can't be bothered to hate women any more than to hate the world at large. You see, hate is an energy sink, and I try not to sink my energy. Further, I consider it below my station as a philosopher to bestow that level of emotional engagement upon either women or the world. Finally, as a pragmatic counter-feminist strategist and policy wonk, I cannot let primitive feelings cloud my lens and compromise my clear view of the field. The way I see it, hating women gets in the way of attacking feminism intelligently.

You may gather from the foregoing that I have no truck with the pro-feminist men's movement or any of their brown-nosing affiliates. Given that I am not sycophantic or servile toward Ms.Muffet, that stands to reason, don't you think so? But just for the record, I get along with women rather well. Forgive me, but I'm a charmer, and women of all ages take a shine to me.

And do I try to be charming? Not on your life! Fact is, I'm just lazy, so I'm doing what comes easy. I'd sooner spare myself the work of being uncharming -- although I grant you there is a time and place for everything.

But the matter at hand is political, not personal, so enough about me.