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Just another demonstration of their caring and sharing nature..

Second installment and another example of the repulsive behaviour of the opposite sex, as well as the crap men put up with.  From an ever increasing and growing list of privileged princesses just wanting to demonstrate precisely where they stand on the abuse delivery scale. After viewing these two presentations, one would serious wonder why anyone would ever really bother to make their acquaintance. This is one time that I am glad to say that there are exceptions, thank goodness for that, otherwise it would be a never ending full-on abuse session from breakfast to dusk..

The main problem about all of this is ofcourse the fact that the majority of men had absolutely no idea how bad female behaviour really is. We would see it or witness it but only occasionally, either at a party or outside a nightclub. But now with the advent of that hate movement promoting and giving all women, free license and encouragement to be as abusive as possible without any accountability. This is what women are going to be like on a regular basis, this type of behaviour will be the norm as they know they can get away with it. This will just be the tip of the iceberg, as we will witness more and more of these examples of their obnoxious and abusive behaviour, all due to the existence of the web..

This will definitely identify and demonstrate clearly, who the greater abusers really are and from where I am sitting, it certainly does not bode well for the opposite sex, does it.

Holy mackerel..