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Mountain Cougar supposedly represents aging, worn out women, there you go..
Oh Meow..meh!!..Cougar Country

More comedy as the desperation once again sets in and it would appear that the girls require another dose of fantasy as it all"feels" so much better, even if it's just an imaginary fantasy. It still feels better at the thought that there might be the odd few out there who might be able to indulge in this activity at that age..

There appears to be some dissent amongst the guys though, they appeared confused as the story does not match their own experiences and how desperate does anyone have to be to produce a photo of this worn out trollop, from that vapid and morally vacant "Sex in the City" farce..

What possible compliment could one think of to pay that program, what ?

I also thought that a fine wine, when it ages, does not require any anatomical or surgical enhancements. But heh! Life is just a big learning experience and I must of just missed that important part.. 

John Posted at 5:45 AM Today
Where are these women, cause they sure as hell aren't near me.
Geoff of Wagga Posted at 6:52 AM Today
So where do you find these women then?
 Less and less each year Posted at 7:22 AM Today
Tell my wife that ...
 nick of neutral bay Posted at 7:30 AM Today
send some my way.
James/Sydney Posted at 8:01 AM Today
Give them my address...anyone .
idx Posted at 11:57 AM Today ?? news to me - I have a 40+ wife
 I always enjoy reading these imaginary articles, more entertainment than anything else. The facts, well, that's another story..

Kim Cattrall
MOVE over Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, Australian women in their 40s are more liberated now than in their 20s and say sex, like fine wine, just gets better with age.
Cougar ... Kim Cattrall plays Samantha Jones, a highly sexual woman in her 40s in Sex and the City. Pic: Supplied Source:

Australian women ageing lustfully

  • April 02, 2012 12:00AM 
MOVE over Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, Australian women in their 40s are more liberated now than in their 20s and say sex, like fine wine, just gets better with age.
A survey of 1000 Aussie women over 40 found about 80 per cent of women felt more confident in bed now than in their 20s and a third admitted to a cougar experience - having sex with someone at least five years younger.
Prevention magazine's inaugural survey, in its May issue out today, found the average 40-something woman has had eight sexual partners, almost a quarter have had sex in a public place and one in 10 fantasize about co-workers.
Almost a third said they wished to be more forward about what they want in bed, with about 10 per cent rarely or never reaching orgasm.
Sixty per cent admitted there was still something they would like to experiment with in the bedroom.
Prevention editor Jacqui Mooney said the survey revealed a clear "satisfaction gap" between what women wanted and what they got, with 57 per cent of Aussie women over 40 wanting sex at least once a week, but only 36 per cent having it that often.
Respondents said they most commonly had sex to strengthen the bond they shared with their partner (68 per cent), boost their mood (46 per cent) or feel less stressed (29 per cent).
"Contrary to popular belief, we were encouraged to discover that, for most women, sex only gets better with age," Ms Mooney said.
"Unsurprisingly, 69 per cent admitted tiredness sends your libido south. And, bucking the online trend, 38 per cent reported their partner bringing an iPad to bed was a guaranteed passion killer."
Almost half (45 per cent) had been cheated on, while 26 per cent have cheated themselves.
And the survey found woman over 40 were 40 times more likely to choose good sex over an icecream sundae.