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Through favouritism the UTIRATI win..
Here is an exercise - Type in "War on Women" in Google and then hit the images option and that will demonstrate how huge this debate really is as the slut-feminist movement pulls out all stops to favour their very own sycophants in the democratic party plus a few others as well as they cowtow(sic) to the magic "V" for vote..

One wonders how slut-feminists can claim anything about the female vote having anything to do with the conservative vote. It has already been demonstrated as plain as day, that the "Vagina" vote is just about guaranteed for the socialist side of politics and it is their worry that somehow, that voting choice may change. Making those type of false claims is what they are really all about..

The UTIRATI: A practiced methodology and utilised whenever they want to argue any topic pertaining to the privileged sex..

One single claim that the conservatives are loosing their grip on the women's vote is just another fantasy they have dreamed up, to once again argue their "Special Benefits" privileges. The claim that if feminist doctrine is not adhered to, then it is all basically against every female on the planet even though they have never tested the water that they even speak for a minority, let alone the rest. Another false assumption the slut-feminist movement makes..

Now that the "War on Women", their very own made up battle, is rearing it's head in US politics where some reality is trying to be applied to all those ridiculous laws that the slut-feminists and their wimpy enablers have introduced, look like being curtailed, is just not acceptable as they continually chase their number one favourite idol "Abortion". It is apparently unheard of as far as they are concerned that there may be other people on this planet who may have a differing opinion or view, one that was originally ignored, but that has never stopped the feminastie movement attacking anyone who has a purview differing from theirs..

So as the stops are being applied to their murderous doctrinal intrusions on society, they are up in arms as all those illegal policies, they forced onto the public, are coming under scrutiny. That is ofcourse the major issue here. One cannot have anyone taking a closer look at anything they have forced through, like VAWA, to be scrutinised as it will expose all that corruption and favouritism that once again those nay sayers have always been involved with and continually introduce. They do not want anyone being held accountable or answering the obvious tough questions, that are bound to follow. They have been building the "War on Wimmin" argument now for a few or more weeks, in the hope they can either generate some attention or force legislators to once again turn a blind eye to the bleeding obvious. Their version of democracy does not encourage that at all..