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Here is an interesting comment from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about. It is a response to this article. It is not too often that we actually hear anything positive about any male, have you noticed. The majority of articles concerning our sex is always either negative or downright Male-Bashing. The usual "It's all Man's Fault", assumptive trash, that we have come to expect from a feminised, piffling, soulless media, whose only interest is raising that inane level of "All women are victims" mantra, has become more sickening and as well as incomprehensible..

So we have this little piece of gold on how men generally treat women in a relationship and those traits are very rarely raised or exposed on the net as those women, who are in that life, are far too busy enjoying it to be bothered raging online or on Facebook. But they exist, as you and I both know, and they are the envy of all those harridans who have not achieved their dream and prefer to assume that it does not even exist. More the fools, them..

This may go against the grain of a few, but they are out there and they actually do exist and should be recognised, instead of being constantly ignored and maligned. 

So after explaining what husband-friendly women were, it was bound to happen, ordained, set by decree that wife-friendly men had to be presented in like fashion. And who better to supply me with information but a woman.
This lady from Britain went to great lengths to send me an article from The Huffington Post that described what type of men make great husbands. In other words, women-friendly men who inevitably morph into wife-friendly men. He has to be woman-friendly first before he becomes wife-friendly, of course, for he has to get past all the scrutiny of the woman before she will be his wife.
But these men are around, as The Huffington Post said, plus other women I spoke to told me exactly what type of men make great husbands. These men are not only loved, but they are liked, respected, adored and almost worshipped by their wives, making them the envy of other women who wished that they had a man like that. “Is how come she so lucky to get a man like that? Him just do and say all the right things, but him still not wishy-washy.”
Top of the list of what makes a man woman-friendly is his ability to provide. Yes, he must be a provider. Now, this may not be big news, for we all know that women like it when men can take care of them. But the provider takes it to another level.
He just doesn't simply dole out cash like he's an ATM, but actually cares about what he's doing for his woman. He knows how to please his woman, and gives not only for reward, but because he actually loves to give and will go out of his way to see to her needs.
He'll have two full-time jobs, plus a slew of hustlings on the side, in order to provide for the woman he loves. He is devoted to his woman and will do almost anything and everything cheerfully in order to make her happy. He is totally selfless and has no reservations about spoiling his lady. Still, he does so with style and grace, and is by no means a sugar daddy or 'boops'. There is a distinction, as the provider gives for the sake of giving and not to purchase favours. Observe how he treats his mother, for it's the same way he'll treat his woman.
Women love strong men, for we all know how frail, fragile and delicate women can be. Even as they cry, they love it when strong men can bolster them, allay their fears and make them feel secure. A strong man is like a rock. He is always there when his woman needs him, and no matter how busy he is, he'll always find the time to talk to her and give her solace and provide comforting words for her. “Sure honey, never mind, don't let her upset you, everything will be okay.”
A thinking man will always be loved by women, and the fact that he has an analytical mind that can solve almost all of life's problems makes him very woman-friendly. “I tell you, there's no problem that my man cannot deal with or solve. I'd be lost without him.” Even when a woman will lose her cool and get flustered, the calm, soothing voice of an intelligent man will give her confidence and she'll brim with love and adoration for him.
“Oh honey, I just love it how you dealt with that problem. You're so smart.” So true, women abhor dumb men, so the intelligent, thinking man is definitely woman-friendly. And this doesn't necessarily mean 'book learning' either, but analytical and street-smart.
A man of faith is also very womanfriendly and ultimately wife-friendly. Faith here is not referring to religious faith, but belief in himself, and what he can achieve. Things may seem bleak and dank, and his life will appear to be in ruin, but somehow he fails to focus on the negative, but concentrates on the positive.
The man is an eternal optimist and has more faith in himself than others have in him. His motto is 'can do', and women love that in a man. Men like that will have women lining up to be with them, as no problem seems to be unsolvable. He's like the ant on the two-pound bread, he won't stop trying till he drops down dead, as the old saying goes. Women love that trait in a man.
Now we come to the free spirit, and many women have complained to me that their men are dead stock, barely alive, don't want to do anything. Yes indeed, women like it when a man has pep in his step and a glide in his stride, a man who has a zest for life and lives it to the fullest.
Being around those men is such a turn-on for women, and even though some may complain about tiredness at times, they really love a man with a penchant for enjoying life. “I just love being around him, he always wants to do something, take me somewhere, enjoy moments that will give us great memories.”
Men who love to travel, even around Jamaica, enjoy all aspects of life, spend very little time on the couch on weekends, and are the get-up-and-go kind are very woman-friendly guys. Being with that type of man ensures that a woman's days will never be boring. The woman with a man with joi de vivre, as the French say, will be more than content, she'll be blissfull.
Now, that first line from the above Shakespearean quote mentioned 'slept together,' so it would be remiss of me if I didn't explore that aspect of what it takes to be woman-friendly. Yes sirree Bob, the man who can handle himself in that department — lovemaking, as well as rocking sex, and romance -— is more than woman-friendly. When he comes a-knocking, you won't have to ask what he's knocking with.
So, those are some of the attributes that make a man woman-friendly. Even if you're a macho man there's nothing wrong with being woman-friendly.