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Making this a major pursuit just causes more problems. Best left alone..

Having been exposed to quite a few articles regarding the ubiquitous relationship issues, that is not only never ending by there are copious, thousands of so-called expert sites, explaining or trying to explain why you are screwing up, why those relationships or trying to find someone to have a relationship with is just so screwed up. Also, how screwed up one has to be in order to stop yourself from being screwed up. No really, apparently, without a princess in tow, you obviously have a major issue, really..

Here...Slut Feminist's favorite topic..SEX..Bringing home a porn star
I did wonder if the prerequisite was to have the camera running, I tried reading it, way too narcissistic for me..

Comment on Ramzpaul vid..
I(i) for one think she deserves the clap...err, a clap i mean....standing ovulation...dammit did it again...knowthingman
Here are just a few links covering that soulless, mind bending, irrelevant and mostly useless drivel one can excess.

Why Are Men Frustrated With Dating?
What Do Men Really Want?
Becoming A Renaissance Man Series

and ofcourse this masterly effort..
Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!” 

Some indifferent, some stupid and the odd one that may make sense, but. I for one never had any issues as I just did not give a stuff about it. It just happened. It is when desperation hits, it becomes some self induced, artificially elevated issue that apparently girls like to talk endlessly about and most guys are being dragged into that drivel, hopefully unknowingly..

How to make an issue out of a non-issue..

All articles, suggestions and advice are in some specific context that aims to right what in their opinion is what everyone is really doing wrong. They seem incapable of comprehending that this has been going on for eons and it doesn't take a genius to work that out, neither does it take one long to realise that if you totally ignored it all and just got on with your own life, the same ratio of meetings and attraction would still exist. Basically meaning, that if you sat on a hill top, looking at the view, the chances of meeting a member of the opposite sex who appeals and has some prerequisite traits, some merit, would just about be the same..

To expect or assume that somehow you deserve better or you think you may be losing out or are of the opinion that those issues are of either no importance or can wait for the right person to come along, it will just happen. It is entirely up to you, use the bigger head to decide the path you want to take..

So in reality, no one has a right to a relationship or has any right to assume their situation is any different to what men have been through for centuries. It appears to be more about self delusion and an over active imagination to assume that you are somehow missing out. Skirt chasing should not be a major activity as that brings way too many problems, best to just sit back and watch, get on with your own life and watch those on the merry go round, living their narcissistic, self interested lives where the assumption is that everyone DESERVES it rather then realistically thinking that in actual fact, who really cares..

Meanwhile back on that mountain top, you are at least enjoying the view..

But I digress as I rarely do, sometimes. The latest posting by Ramzpaul has all those lovely examples of narcissism, blatant stupidity, standard repulsive slut feminism behaviour and ofcourse, that selfish pursuit of the "feel good" factor that most those abhorrents feel they deserve, while being surprised when the response is not what they expected or demand. thank goodness there are more mountain tops..