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We look like, who ?

I was somewhat taken aback when another armchair expert considered that an MRA or any member of the MRM, should not indulge in any other activity, besides continually raising endless arguments pertaining to the subject. My response was that if one consistently and persistently carried out those instruction, one would suffer from psychological afflictions and mental disorders  just like them do.

The brain would atrophy and commence deteriorating. One would suffer the same perverted view those "Pro-SCUM Femakazi, self claimed experts" suffer from..

Not really thatt interested..

One occasionally needs and demands a change to lighten the load, reduce the malice and vitriol, unless one becomes just like them. They ofocurse, hate everything and everybody and live on a constant diet of permenant irritation. Here is one response that comes to mind..

Find the answer at the bottom..


They were all trying to sneeze !!

Why, what were you thinking ?