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Pulling your weight, start em young!..

It has been demonstrated clearly over the past decade that churches have sided epistemologically with the feminist purview. Their endless maligning of the "husband" in order to improve his act and ensuring their princesses have and always will be given priority, is not reflected to that same sex. It is purely hypocritical to suggest that one unit of the partnership is always in the wrong while the other is both blameless and without error or human frailties..
That is the ongoing negative message they have been promoting and they wonder why church attendance by men have deteriorated to such a degree as to be a major concern. They have not cottoned onto the fact that no one wants to be continually harangued on a weekly basis while the other gets off, scott free. Maybe it will eventually dawn on them but we will not wait with baited breath..

There is not one book of holy writ that does not warn against the character and behaviour of females. Some even suggest that maybe you would be better off, on your own just in case (Paul comes to mind). But here we have a clear demonstration how far down the hypocritical path of the slut-feminist movement those betas have already sunk. Contaminating the scriptural message may appeal to some but in the long run, you will be called to account..

Women are innately good.

Who Should We Focus On?

by W.F. Price on April 5, 2012
Where engaging feminists (the real ones) is concerned, I think we have to recognize that we aren’t going to make much progress, and that doesn’t really matter. If the really passionate ones on certain sites are any indication, for the most part they are a collection of sexual deviants, the mentally ill and pornographers. The last one may come as a surprise to some, but it’s actually quite typical; prostitutes tend to gravitate toward feminism.
However, there are people worth engaging: those who may not be entirely on the same page as us but who also don’t like the status quo much themselves. As commenter greyghost points out, Dalrock is doing a great job of engaging Christian social conservatives on the issue, and although he’s finding a lot of resistance, it’s undeniable that scripture is definitely not on the side of the feminists.
Not long ago, social conservatives were pretty much hopeless. They are very slow learners (conservatism and stubbornness go hand in hand), so for the last twenty years or so they’ve been going back to the default chivalry position, and it’s failed over and over. But this doesn’t mean that they will never change. Because conservatives are becoming a larger and larger share of native born Americans with every year liberal women delay family and abort their children, ignoring them would be unwise, and if out-of-control feminism is to ever be done away with, they will be the demographic we’ll have to count on to do the job. Fortunately, the sons of these more conservative Americans, although they may be as innocent and naive as any men while still young, are seeing an entirely new side of women. As I’ve pointed out, things have changed a lot on the last 20 years, and the pretensions of sweet feminine innocence are believed only by the most socially insulated old dinosaurs out there. As for the sons of the liberals, I think we’re going to find that a whole lot of them are already squarely in our camp. Growing up male in a feminist environment can do one of two things: either it can break a man’s soul and turn him into a lifelong self-hating mangina, or it will forever instill a strong disgust for feminism and all its associated horrors. I’m afraid those who suffered the former fate are lost to us, but for the latter, I suspect they are the most vocal younger pro-male voices out there.
This is why focusing effort on the conservatives is a good idea. Those of us who grew up in a more liberal environment have already made up our minds by maturity (I include myself in that group), and our attitude toward feminism isn’t going to change. Conservatives, while vaguely hostile to feminism, still have an incomplete understanding of it, and need to be guided to a clearer understanding of concepts such as female hypergamy. You’d think their own holy books, which offer plenty of examples of hypergamy, false rape accusations, female misbehavior, etc., would do the trick, but unfortunately they tend to overlook those parts. Perhaps a few gentle reminders might help. Or, if necessary, a heavy dose of shaming right back at them.
So, I’m going to endorse Dalrock’s approach, as I think it’s one that has some of the best potential. Dalrock takes the very issues social conservatives are preaching to the rest of us about and holds a mirror up to their faces to show them the beam in their eye. I can’t think of anything more effective, or ultimately more compassionate, as their own sons and daughters will inherit the world in due course, and if they want them to live the lives they see as virtuous and Godly, a dose of reality about female nature is sorely needed.