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This is what they think they look like..
This is what they actually look like..

As we witness the increase of the promotion and the attempted exalting of the Mangina/White Knight phenomenon. We are also witnessing mixed signals from all involved in that melee,  ensuring that phenomenon somehow grows and spawns new levels of capitulation. We have had a few "White Knights" of the old order trying to convince older and younger men to "Man Up" and capitulate to the privileged princesses and thereby ensuring that their long term aim are followed as well as the aims of the slut-feminist movement. The one of transferring men's hard earned dollars to women, without so much as a whimper. They expected participation without removing all the obstacles..

We also have those slut-feminists, who spent the last couple of decades, denigrating and generally running men and boys into the ground, just to feed their already over inflated egos as well as ensuring their "Female Supremacy" targets are met. They smirked and snorted about the acts of chivalry like opening a door, that was not PC,  some complained that their spoilt arses could take some imaginary higher road by scorning anyone who demonstrated normal manners to their fellow human beings. But just as slut-feminists always do, they change their minds and have joined with the "White Knights and Manginas" to reintroduce what is now seen as compliance and female worship and not just demonstrating good manners. So it is now just fine to open doors, pay for her weight increase, lest she starves and stand when her majesty enters the room..

The slut-feminists themselves have come out in public and completely contradicted their previous obnoxious behaviour and are now demanding that it is just fine for men to grovel and beg in the company of her goodness by ensuring that her worship is indeed just that. Most are just sitting back and secretly envying those females who are treated with respect, knowing full well that it will never happen to them, as they have already headed down that malice and vitriol path too far and would find it difficult, if not impossible, to change, ingrained indoctrination ensures that. But I am sure they will make the change, they are female by the way and changing one's mind is solidly booked into their DNA..

So we have all this total contradiction that sends out differing signals to men and boys alike, while the logical part of the grey matter wonders just what TF is going on. Most of the guys are now just GTOWing, going their own way, as the obvious sane path, that was once clear and straightforward,  is now so skewed by the lunacy of female worshipers, as to make it impossible to travel..

So we have the Mangina Awards, which recognises the feats and actions of those misanthropes who have no problem stabbing their own sex in the back, while scraping their noses on the floor, in the presence of any female. An individual that they hold with godlike veneration, she can do no wrong. They are in such awe of this "you are special, just like everyone else" creature, as to make any expression of doubt concerning her abhorrent behaviour or imperfections, just slip off like water on a siliconed duck's back. It's embarrassing to witness and even worse to read.

Sadly, it is ofcourse nothing new, as we have witnessed that same behaviour in the past. That endless groveling and capitulation was and is on view even now and we use to shake our heads in disbelieve, wondering what the hell they were trying to do, have you no dignity. We could also witness the repulsion spreading across the female's faces as they continued on their self humiliating path, some even raised the odd eyebrow wondering the same thing perhaps. Reminds me of that scene in Bedazzled, where groveller is extolling his passion of his goddess in a poem and a dude walks up to them on the beach and suggests that Hurley is going get some dirty talk and a good humping and she gratefully takes off for stated activities. Leaving wimp engrossed in his own fantasy. Now one would have imagined that there would be a blatant, obvious message in there somewhere, as it did actually demonstrate clearly how women think, but NO..

So we have another explanation on those limp-wristed misanthropes and one that introduces a few other helpful suggestions..