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Starting young not being violent..
Violence by proxy is one of the females favoured options. One would have in the past and even now, witnessed in action, that same option being the preferred option rather than they having to dirty their own hands. But we have also witnessed on numerous occasions that the violence rate by women is on a sharp increase, as demonstrated in a study in the UK that showed an increase of 255% (on this blog)..
proxy |ˈpräksē|
noun ( pl. proxies)
1 the authority to represent someone else, esp. in voting : they may register to vote by proxy.
• a person authorized to act on behalf of another.
• a document authorizing a person to vote on another's behalf.

It has always been the case in the past whenever a female "feels" offended by and for what ever reason, would demand her male partner defend her honour. A notion in this day and age is definitely ludicrous, but it is one claim they make to initiate violence by proxy. She demands that in order for her "honour" to be re-established, the offender must be by violence, to retract that claim of face an altercation by her "white knight" who in most cases is coerced and threatened with banishment if that action is not undertaken..

I have witnessed that action many times in the past. She "feels" offended" by a comment, which in most cases are absolutely undeniable, but endeavors to coerce her partner to act in her defense. That entire episode has thankfully unraveled many relationships, but unfortunately not enough as most white knights sense the need to fight for her false modesty..
"Feminist writers say most of the acts against men are not important but the same people have used the same surveys to inflate the number of women who are attacked," he said. "In the past it would not even have been considered that women are violent. My view is that you must base social policy on the whole evidence."
So we have females constantly behaving in this fashion, they can at the same time deny that they are the instigators or the person responsible. She walks away "scott free" in those incidents and claim to being one who would never ever be violent and would be incapable of doing so (recent deaths in a false rape claim testifies to this). The hypocrisy is astounding and it's one that slut-feminists have wallowed in by making the ludicrous claim that only men are violent and that "If mothers ran the world, there would be no violence"(Sally Ann Fields(Flying Nun)). Slut-feminism have deliberately and constantly denied that women are violent. They have denied that in the face of ever growing studies and facts (see link above), that demonstrates the exact opposite..

This study shows who is more stressed due to changes in relationships. Females win hands down.
Even now we see women, even those tiny, skinny, divas taking on a solid, taller and bigger male, just like in the movies, they delusionally believe that they can attack and defeat anyone twice their own size and one whose physical strength increases to thirty years of age, while women's physical strength tops at around 18 years of age (Explains why female gymnasts are so young). A fifty year old male has the aerobic ability of a twenty year old female (research vary depending on the pro-female-bias of the study). This is obviously not anything they have bothered to study or comprehend and we continually witness those dumb, delusional malcontents falling for those slut-feminist mantras that "A women can do anything a man can". Except ofcourse they haven't read the small print, the part being that physically, you may on average have a problem..

JTO and GWW present this comprehensive argument regarding the female proxy habit and wonder why SPLC refuse to recognise the RadFem Hub as a hate site/group, which has stated their ongoing aim at destroying or violently removing, every male on the planet and using selective breeding, advocating the physical destruction of male children based on sex. Again the obvious hypocrisy is just way too incomprehensive to even give that a moments thought without hitting the "that's bullshit" register..