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Gasp !!!

There are very important issues that these "Women on Top" must consider. There are issues that can no longer be hidden or pretend that they don't exist. There are issues that can be measured on the level of such importance,  of such magnitude, that even the MSM can no longer ignore it any further..

Little things create bigger issues as we all know. Comparable issues come to mind like "squeezing the toothpaste tube from the top", ahhh!!, would be considered a hygienic faux pas, let alone "double dipping the cracker in the pate" is an absolutely inexcusable action, an unconscionable act, a never forgiven activity that would deny you, future invites. In some areas of the party passionistas, it would be a hangable offense and deservedly so... Those philistines..

But never before has anyone ever transgressed, so flagrantly transgressed the hair etiquette standards and the International Hair Association's policy, than Hillary Clinton has by her persistence at wearing a ...what for it....a SCRUNCHIE..

This is Internationally, breaking news..

Hold the launch and put those ICBMs back into their silos, put the army back into barracks and drop those anchors, something more important has come up.   

It is big, it is ugly and there is no treatment available..

Should Hillary Clinton's Staff 'Ban' Her From Wearing Scrunchies?

SodaHead Politics April 09, 2012

Fashion bloggers are no longer the only ones calling out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her unflattering scrunchie habit. Now some of Clinton’s staff members want to “ban” her from wearing the accessory altogether. But should we even be concerned with how Hillary styles her hair?

The staffer’s scrunchie comment was revealed in Rachael Combe’s profile on Clinton in the May issue of Elle magazine. Despite the fact that the article only spent a couple paragraphs discussing Hillary’s fashion sensibilities, those few style tidbits have received significant media attention.