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Here is a video on how women are NOT abusive or violent, according to slut-feminists denials. This is most probably the best indication on how that hate movement has promoted and ensured this level of violence and abuse, is not only present, but will be worse as time goes on. One does not like seeing this type of behaviour by anyone and there is no justification for it. But females have an obvious resistance to just walking away from any potential issue, being of the opinion that they are always in the right and that their behaviour can always be justified..

One wonder how that violence and abusive behaviour pans out in the home. Another issue that slut-feminists have longed claimed to being non-existent. The females, two of whom are single mothers by choice as far as I can tell, would ofcourse be rewarded for that decision by the state as it encourages these type of females and encourages it via copious benefits and special privileges. The other issue which arises, which I find rather humorous, is that they felt insulted by the fact that they were called "sluts", a term that the "Slut" feminists have been promoting and wanted to "reclaim" for some inexplicable reason that only they can vaguely explain and justify. It just demonstrates how out of touch they are with the general consensus of what women want and what they are trying to shove down their throats..

So what level of role models are these women to the general younger population and "their" children. What were these "party" girls, who have been in fights before, doing out partying and getting drunk while they have a young children at home. It has already been demonstrated beyond argument that these single mothers will ensure that "their" children will go on to be violent and abusive, just as they are. End up in jail as the stats already show to be at 80% and also ensure their offspring join gangs, do drugs and drop out of the education system at a younger age. One has to wonder why such policies are encouraged and why these women are being paid to raise future criminals, why are taxpayers footing the bill so these selfish females ensure that our futures will be encumbered by ensuring more criminals will be out there destroying the lives of many decent people and their families..

What was the reason why slut-feminists promote and encourage single motherhood again. Oh yes, that's right. "You go girl". It demonstrates how "strong" and "Independent" they are. I forgot..

Here they are justifying their behaviour and the video that exposes the slut-feminist's denial on how women are "NON VIOLENT" and also demonstrates how the "Women are Always Victims", mantra is such a blatant and obvious lie..

How much longer can slut-feminists continue spreading that lie and when when will they finally except the fact that DV, for example, is a societal issue and not a gender issue as they have always claimed it to be and when will they actually admit that "women are violent". Admitting just that one single issue would of itself be a pleasant realistic change..

Meanwhile, we will demonstrate what level of lies slut-feminists extoll, on a daily basis..