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The Main Mangina Award, (3 Levels Awarded)  allocated and presented to major efforts, be it Government agencies or corporation, Groups or Organisations..
I do try to resist awarding our special "Mangina Award" without proper research, utilising the WMASAW policy prerequisites incorporating substantiated and comprehensive sampling of self promoted idioms and imaginary delusional argument in it's determination at assuring the award is totally warranted, as it would be seen as just a token award. The recipients must be recognised for being completely worthy of such a well named, very apt and completely suitable award. One does have to go out of their way to demonstrate their worthiness, as the "standards for recognition" are actually very strict..

In order to be recognised, one would have to demonstrate that one is a complete and total worshiper of the slut-feminist's version of the female entity, regardless of their often displayed flaws and behaviour. Not only that, one would have to demonstrate a total and complete obedience to worshiping the slut-feminist's misinformation, erroneous mantras and their superficial, incomprehensible doctrines. One must also demonstrate they totally ignore obvious and verified/verifiable facts that that same movement have already stated regarding his own sex. They have to ignore the recommendation by the slut-feminist hate movement, that they should just "feck off" and mind their own business. One would also have to grovel and beg for attention from that hate movement's many harridans and readjust one's common sense mechanisms and thought processing ability, in order to demonstrate just what a complete and total tool they really are. I use the term "tool" lightly as that does have an actual use. They would also have to indicate that they voluntarily promote the "Supremacist Female" ideological viewpoint demand that same movement demands and promotes, while denigrating and debasing his own sex..

A major effort is required and this award recognises just that..

One would also indulge in that same abhorrent behaviour that would indicate they have absolutely no comprehension of reality, adhere to their own myopic and complete ignorance, refuse to use a minutiae of their thought processes to allow themselves to view any opposing facts or information that demonstrates any opposing viewpoint. They must be strong, to completely ignore or reject that out of hand (You go Mangina!!)..

One would also have to have a total and complete misunderstanding of the opposite sex and actually demonstrate that in public discourse articles, demonstrating precisely that total and complete ignorance has reached such a level that even those people they are supposedly indoctrinating could not possibly accept the "Mangina" interpretation as even they would have to readjust their thinking paradigm in order to give it any credence at all..

So, as you can see, this award is not just handed out "Willy Nilly", not to just anyone. That individual must demonstrate their utter and complete stupidity and ignorance of all the known facts, readjust and redefine their cognitive dissonance in order to justify their inane and non-selubrious attitude, while replacing it with complete and totally indefensible verbiage. One has to have that ability to mechanically espouse imaginary and deluded non-facts as being real or somehow based on reality, meh!!..

 Our Congratulation goes to David Wong.

David Wong

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In order to verify the efforts put in by Wong to receive our secial award, I will leave Bernard to explain the obvious reasons..