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Notice how everyone avoids the fact that the privileged princesses are automatically granted the pussy pass, every time they break the law. Notice also the fact that for the exact same crime, under identical circumstances, a female will receive a quarter of the sentance a male does for the exact same crime..

Now tell me how men are so privileged, again..

To demonstrate this obviously blatant and sexist behavior, one must once again show how completely that "All Females are Victims" mentality is totally enshrined in common law and totally focused on by white knight judges. That has been stated so often and yet ignored to such a degree that one could write this article blindfolded and still present those facts. It is so sickening as it is so blatantly obvious..

Woman burglar with 207 convictions is finally jailed... but she laughs at two-year sentence and shouts: 'Cushty'

On the odd occasion and I mean on the "ODD" occasion, there may be some situation where one  would think that the law may have been a little harsh or definitely not harsh enough, but we are referring to that other sex so it's always not the former that one considers. It is apparently fine for any female to totally annihilate or completely destroy anyone's life and use that good old "I am a victim" defense, that the slut feminist movement have conveniently put into place just to ensure that women are not held accountable under any circumstances and that has worked really well for them as we can see..
A woman thief who preyed on the elderly was finally locked up yesterday – after amassing 207 convictions.
Despite her extraordinary criminal record, Caroline Pattinson, 34, had been spared prison on countless occasions.
But after targeting a 72-year-old grandmother in her home the heroin addict was at last sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail.
Pattinson, however, laughed it off. As she was led away from the dock she turned to the court and shouted: 'Cushty, easily done.'

'Without morals': Caroline Pattinson, 34, shouted 'cushty, easily done' as she was jailed for her 207th offence, after stealing from a pensioner
Judge Roger Thorn QC
'Without morals': Caroline Pattinson, 34, right,shouted 'cushty, easily done' as Judge Roger Thorn QC, left, jailed forher 207th offence

The serial offender, who has at least one child in care, began offending when she was just 14.
But in another illustration of soft justice, the one-woman crimewave was repeatedly handed community orders and suspended sentences, instead of time behind bars. It is believed shehas only ever served time in prison while on remand.
How is that sex change looking now. Free passes to just do anything you like while the Police and the judiciary just sit back, watch and allow all this to happen. Has to be a great example to the new generations coming through the works..