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Pasta, now where's the red..
Young Chef, starting early..

How many times have you heard those slut feminists and their cowtowing (sic) white knights and manginas claim that all the MM and men in general want to do is put women back into the kitchen, tie back on that frilly, floral patterned, pinny and tie them to the stove..

How many times have you heard them make that exaggerated, false, strawman claim?.
I have lost count. They make that claim whenever any mention is made regarding all those anti male laws and sexist actions that governments have introduced to nobble men, take away our fundamental human rights and turn us into third class citizens, whose sole activity is to be forced to act subserviently, like a slave, to the opposite sex. That our sole existence should be at their beck and call. How many times ?..

Now just think for a moment about the fact that women can't even cook anymore, they are totally useless in the kitchen as previous surveys have already shown. They have problems even making a sandwich, even that task is beyond their capability, a proven inability. So why would any man want to "Put women back into the kitchen", it just doesn't make any sense. It's just stupid..

We don't even want them back in there as they would no longer have any comprehension about the function of a kitchen or what it's used for, they would be forever asking questions like "how do you boil an egg" and other obvious mind blowing questions. They would start burning food, blunt our specially selected chef knives, that you have honed to shave with and start moving items around. You would have to watch them all the time. Are they crazy, have you ever heard of such a totally, insane and incomprehensible complaint in your life before..

They are just joking right, kidding or what. We do not want them anywhere near the kitchen or messing around with our colanders, microplane, zester or whisk, let alone coming anywhere near that Coq au Vin, gently wafting it's goodness into the air, gently burbling away in the oven at just the right temperature..

Are they crazy..

And that's not all. In order to pat themselves on the back even more often they make the claim that being a mother is the "Hardest Job on the Planet", another total exaggeration ofcourse but Oprah said it, so it must be true. However, they did not have Bill Burr available to explain what that claim actually means, did they..(NSFW)