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That brain numbing pledge becoming reality.

As we are well aware, free speech only consists of what the Obamaists says you can say. No mention of the "W" word, as that one is definitely not on the pc list, also the "M"word fails to appear , well that is just ignored out of hand anyway..

Here we have a "Proper" example of how to educate your children, according to Obamaology. That method used to ensure that any word that they consider to being offensive, like the "white" word and ofcourse the "men" word, is definitely offensive and should never ever be mentioned in mixed up company. As the combination of "W" and "M" spells NAZI. One must refrain from telling or saying what one thinks by editing one's speech to coincide with the tome "1984". Unfortunately George Orwell thought he was joking about any of his tale being a prediction and actually coming true, as that tome was supposed to ridicule totalitarianism and communism, it was not supposed to be an accurate prediction..

Naughty George..