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The level of poison the feminasties introduce is mind boggling as they try to neutralise all those nasty men's movement followers, who are just, well, just --
Coquette: On men’s rights

 I just did some reading about men’s rights activists and I’m a little freaked out. What are your thoughts?I don’t want to paint all men’s rights activists with the same brush, but most of what gets labeled as men’s rights activism tends to be a very crude form of reactionary gender politics fueled by flagrant misogyny, (metaphorical) impotence and narcissistic rage. 

One does have to wonder what level of desperation they are at when they come up with this level of misandry , without facts, or discussing it with one single or any members of the MRM (An action MND at least had the decency to do (Right Column)).But not this member of the feminastie movement, it is beyond their capability and it will ofcourse point them away from their fantasy and dream state. They are just complete morons, who are incapable of having a decent discussion or even bother to state one single issue that men face on a daily basis. The reason why is because they just don't give a damn whether you loose everything you have or are falsely jailed under a false claim or loose out on that job because that company is forced to employ that privileged princess..

Here is the male equivalent article..
I don’t want to paint all feminists with the same brush, but most of what gets labeled as feminism tends to be a very crude form of reactionary gender politics fueled by flagrant misandry, a (metaphorical) inferiority complex and narcissistic rage.Gender dynamics in Western societies have been slowly and steadily shifting towards illegitimate equality over the last century or so. After four waves of feminism, there was bound to be some blowback. That’s all this is, really.It’s toxic stuff, but there’s no need to let it freak you out. In the grand scheme, the dark side of feminism is little more than a temporary subcultural side effect of a broader plan of social marxism.I’m not saying it’s harmless. It’s potentially quite dangerous, but as long as no women in your life have made it a part of their identity, it’s not something you have to fear.That’s kind of the point, really. These women are pathetic. They aren’t worthy of your fear, and deep down, a lot of them resent the hell out of the fact that they aren’t feared (or loved) by men. It’s not that men don’t want them. It’s that men don’t need them.
Men are indifferent to them, and that indifference is worse than rejection or betrayal.Pay close attention to the rhetoric coming out of the movement and you’ll notice that it’s fundamentally a reaction to indifference. To the ego, there’s nothing worse, and to the female ego, male indifference transmutes into objectification. That in turn develops into a sort of chronic narcissistic injury where all men are to blame for the loss of their victim mentality.It’s twisted, but that’s really what’s at the emotional core of these gals. Their involvement in feminism is based on a very personal and individual reaction to their own wounded female vanity. The politics is just window dressing.That’s an important distinction to make. Despite what the most vocal feminists would have you believe, this isn’t a collective movement based on a set of unifying ideals. Not really. Any unifying ideals are an afterthought, mere packaging to wrap around a lot of repressed anger and misandry.In that regard, the movement as a whole is not greater than the sum of its individual members.
It’s just a bunch of chicks who happen to be resentful of approximately the same thing. They aren’t really victims of some greater societal injustice, so ultimately it’s all bound to fizzle.That being said, it’s not fair for me to summarily dismiss all feminist issues because of the questionable character of certain feminists. A number of the issues themselves have some merit, especially those in regard to gender neutrality in the practice of workplace opportunity, equal pay, and draft selection.Of course, the legitimacy of any particular issue doesn’t legitimize feminism in general, and it sure as hell doesn’t excuse the movement’s undeniable undercurrent of hatred towards men.