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The cognitive dissonance of Jennifer Lopaz.
Yea, exactly...erm! what she said..

One must heed the call from Lezebel and their cry for assistance regarding the cost associated with possessing the magic "V". Bare in mind though, that that one single organ has managed to screw billions worth of funding and squeezed such an outrageous level of "Special" benefits, that one could  confess to it having magical powers..

But apparently not, unlike what the feminastie movement who have been denying it for so long, those monthly events and associated behavioral issues were buried that deep as one required an oil rig to locate them. But like any lie they make or pretend or ignore or just make up, they have on this occasion actually admitted that it exists, a revelation. Now let me just make sure I get this correct for future reference, women have periods and suffer from PMS, okay. That would be news to a fair few of their own I would imagine as it was topic non gratia. Now it actually has a name and now they can actually talk about it and mention it and ofcourse make the usual claim on "how hard it is.......blahblahblah" you already know the ending..

Anyway, they are seeking additional funding as apparently all those long hours and elevated, additional, pay rates are taxing them and increasing their ill health. See, we do care !