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Have we created a Matriarchy that is bankrupting nations, abusing children?
I can envision men reading this crossing their legs, wringing their hands uncomfortably almost whining: I hope they read the rest of this, check out the links, STOP, breathe and then reflect: the truth is in the studies. We have for decades lazily subscribed to urban myth even though lies have been proven and dispelled: Warshak
Apparently the Jewish community is concerned with a dwindling male membership The end of Jewish Men are not the Protestant and Catholic Communities facing the same situation?
Not all single mothers are sadistic but images of Britney, Lindsey and Casey should wake us up a little simply look up female violence on You Tube . “‘Oh say it is not true” exclaim the gentlemen twisting in their seats, perhaps, but this material is not made up Bringing Attention to Abuse By Females it is true Google has tried to censor such material as hate speech preferring homosexual friendly comments (sorry their editorial preference and a true statement simply ask bloggers).
All mothers probably are not that violent despite the ones we have seen grabbing their children by the arm in the grocery store, we do know (even if we are afraid to discuss it) at least some moms utilize the electronic babysitter, we have been talking about it for decades, but could it lead to this: Should parents of obese kids lose custody?
  • We know Fathers petition Courts for custody, joint custody, shared custody, parenting time, access to their children everyday, and, everyday leave the Court Room broken hearted despite the evidence demonstrating the criticality of fathers to their children’s development, Forum
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You could also try Research there are only thirty-eight hyper-linked references there.
The Public Broadcast System actually airs programming that touches upon religion, last weekend I listened to a Catholic Bishop lamenting the injury upon all of those poor families that the current budget debacle will cause. I am certain the Bishop truly had in mind social injustice to less fortunate people _ I truly believe the Bishop had no conception at all he really is lamenting a minor loss in funding for the enabling of single mother homes whilst depriving children of their fathers.
There is no logic in promoting Fatherhood whilst denigrating Fathers. There is no logic in promoting a social system that separates children from their fathers whilst costing America three hundred thirty-six billion dollars annually Sex, money…and national bankruptcies.
Perhaps no one really cares enough to have read this far, or someone is yawning, or instead of twisting in their seat someone has urinated, can we seriously imagine grown adults so afraid of women, they are afraid to read this?
Mothers are sacred, mothers are scary, what am I thinking, well I am not the happiest camper in the entire world but I am not alone; Mother’s Day 2011: not so Purdy – Americas’s PBS documentaryMother, mother, where are you?Another Broken Heart truth to tell this is but a minor glimpse of the anecdotal evidence.
As the men continue to cringe I can imagine someone uttering a derogatory remark. Do we even know how to educate males STOP, please do not be so sure about yourself, have you read anything found here: Michael Gurian any of these Books for Fathers .
Do we really know what we are advocating for: In the matter of: pornography v, romantic fantasies , Parental Alienation In our good do we do bad 
Long letter, nothing is simple, our children deserve their Fathers, our Boys deserve to be treated for who they are, our Congregations, Synagogues and Parishes deserve participation from both sexes.

The new feminism (second wave [the radicals]) who have to be a part of everything male while acting in a misandric fashion are creating a sadistic Matriarchy across the globe. If Men and women split everything 50/50 and women get 50% of the man’s 50 and 7/8ths of the remaining twenty five percent as special entitlements that equals 97.25% - maybe that is why females make the majority of retail purchases.