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Feminists Laugh about Mutilated Male..

One does have to wonder how feminists and women in general could become even more offensive than they have demonstrated right now. Laughing about a man being drugged, handcuffed and mutilated appears to be the level has been reached..
How they roared with laughter when they made fun of a man who has his penis cut off, would appear to be just another moment of hilarity. Can it get any more offensive..

Hence the title of this post. When a woman severs a penis, the standard comment from women, any women, is that he must have done something to deserve that. No need for proof required, if that happened to a male then whatever the women does is somehow justified, she is blameless even though she has physically abused, drugged and imprisoned a male is besides the point..

If we apply that same mentality to Rape, than any woman who is raped must have encouraged it herself. What is a rape compared to this type of mutilation ?


How Funny is A Mutilated Vagina
By Dan Moore
There are many who deny we live in an age where maleness, where masculinity has been so devalued as to be commonly regarded as Subhuman. Where male sexuality is treated with such revulsion and contempt, that major television personalities feel completely free to make, to outright revel in glee at a man being poisoned, tied up, and having his penis cut off, then ground to a pulp, by his wife, because he wanted a Divorce.
These same major television personalities that ROUTINELY cry about 'Battered Women' are making light of the poisoning, kidnapping, and torture of a man for wanting a Divorce. In an age of No Fault Divorce, which was instituted at Feminist behest. They do not hide their glee at all, in fact Sharon Osbourne (the wife of Ozzy) even makes mixing motions with her hands, simulating a garbage disposal, and calls the whole thing 'delightful'.
The appalling hatred of men is not only not hidden, but outright FLAUNTED.
This can only be the result of a Society that has so dehumanized men, so demonized male sexuality, that men can be literally tied up and tortured, have their lives permanently altered (by removing the ability to fulfil the most basic of drives)...and these women LAUGH.
And not just the Hosts, but the entire audience...rolling in glee.
And, I suspect, a good deal of women in everyday life.
Every last one of them represent the truly disgusting in human nature. No, none of it is 'innocent', and no, it is not 'just a joke'.  Anyone taking pleasure in this shocking crime should be ashamed of themselves, and take a SERIOUS look at how they perceive men, and how that looks from THIS side of the fence. And the women 'hosting' this show? Every last one of them should lose their jobs.
Will they? Of course not. Because they obviously know what appeals to their audience. Which is comprised of women. The audience certainly seemed pleased with the show, and enthusiastically joined in, as a matter of fact. Truthfully, the ONLY time the audience gave pause, was when Sara, near the end of the segment, mentioned that 'it's kinda weird' to be taking so much glee in something they would be horrified at the reverse of.
But then the show quickly moved on, much to the audience's relief.
If this isn't proof of widespread, generalized female hatred of men, I don't know what is.
Because I could NEVER see a man taking so much pleasure in the removal of a woman's ability to have sex. Not even one.
And women LOVE to hear about it happening to men. So much, in fact, that these hateful bigots will keep their jobs. Probably won't even get a reprimand either. They've got feminists to defend them, after all.
And the beat goes on....
Here is the address for those people responsible for that obnoxious "The TALK" program, where they joined in to laugh at this abuse so please send them an email to demonstrate your disgust at the CBS network Sharon Osborne. Use this letter example if you like..
We need to tell them what we think and we need to demand an apology, retraction or the removal of those people involved..
RE: “The Talk”, Segment on Male Genital Mutilation
Dear Sir,
I am appalled and sickened by the attitude of the panel with respect to the genital mutilation of a drugged and bound man, especially Sharon Osborne and the presenter. To make light of and agree with the action of this woman is beyond comprehension. If the situation was reversed with men making light of say corrective rape my guess is they would be fired immediately and their TV careers would be rightfully ruined for ever.
I feel Sharon Osborne should be immediately removed from this and all other CBS shows and a public apology made by the producers. I also think it appropriate that CBS and “The Talk” air a show about male victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse at the hand of female abusers.
If CBS does no take any action on this matter it is tantamount to CBS agreeing with and promoting the genital mutilation of males. As a National media outlet who affects public opinion we have the right to expect better of you.