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I don't know about you but I am rather taken back when I was pulled over by a blond female cop who only came up to my shoulder (I am 6ft) and would be lucky to push 50 kilo in weight. The shock being that in the past most of the cops were over six foot and weight in at least 100 kilos plus. But at the moment we can see that the girls are just not capable of matching up even though they have already changed the rules to make it easier for the privileged princesses to join..

So, another example of what the world would be like when run by women. It would definately include short arse female cops incapable of upholding the law and when it comes down to that as at the moment they can and do rely on their male counterparts to do the hard stuff. They may break a fingernail and that would be, you know, sore..

Women police not fit enough 
 ONE in three female police recruits have failed the basic physical tests at the NSW police academy.
Statistics show 152 of 414 females failed the Physical Capacity Test (PCT) on assessment day.
In the same nine-month period from mid-2010 to March, only 3 per cent of the 787 men who signed-up to the force failed the basic fitness test.
Police academy fitness unit supervisor Sergeant Paul Sowden said testing was "rigorous" to ensure recruits could perform their duties after graduation.
"When the recruits arrive we don't have individual assessments but we do basic physical sessions which includes sit-ups and core strength exercises. In their first session they will also complete a 3km run," Sgt Sowden said.
Sgt Sowden would not discuss why 37 per cent of female recruits had failed the course.