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It is not too often that feminist women in their usual male-bashing utterances wax lyrical about feminist men. She was indeed being blatantly honest. I would like to say that it was provoked by reality rather than just utilising another opportunity to do some serious male-bashing but she was doing what they do so well..

So I was indeed surprised when I received the following comment from Janice, to be honest, I was almost taken aback..

Janice Erlbaum said...
Christian J! I'm so sad I never heard your podcast quoting my post of 2005, but I'm glad we meet at last. Thanks also for pointing out that the link to that post is broken -- it seems that when I migrated from Typepad to Wordpress, some very old posts became buried deep within the bowels of the internet; maybe I can find a way to fix or repost it so it lives on. Anyway, thanks again -- I hope you'll keep reading my work and exposing it to a wider audience!
July 23, 2011 

So a couple issues arise from that comment -