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Bernard Chapin does us all a service announcement on behave of a mangina (male feminist supporting female supremacy) professor of Women's studies (yes, they do exist) to inform us all that the MRA movement is just not on and we should all just cowtow to female superiority just like he does..

He informs us that we should drop to our knees in abeyance and worship that self elevated, feminist promoted, female whose superiority is just beyond our comprehension. Females like those on the TALK show who obviously have demonstrated clearly how superior that sex really is..

We also have superior examples of the likes of male haters Amanda Marcotte (MiniHaHa) and Jessica Valenti (Morticia) to demonstrate clearly what level they have reached..

First we have Morticia trying to behave like an imitation human..

And to add to that illusion, we have another human imitator in the way of MiniHaHa (Amanda Marcotte). Who also considers itself to be a member of the human race but ofcourse fails miserably..