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As the Gynocentric United Nations and NGO's excludes all men from any of their funding and services they must ofcourse find replacements for those funds. Feminists and other lobotomised lunatics search far and wide and have on hand an excellent double banger in order to ensure that more funds are directed at the privileged princesses in the sunburnt continent. Not just any princess but the main target of young nubile female teens, just ripe for UN lesbian feminists to feed on..

Gear that funding drive with the holy war of Global Warming and the sycophants in the UN and other NGO's would already be counting the cash before they even check whether or not that money will actually be allocated to specific sexist "women only" programs..

One segment of that program..
We will never achieve climate justice without addressing the gender
dimensions of climate change, and girls themselves,
their skills,
knowledge and energy, must be part of the search for solution.”
Mary Robinson – President of the Mary Robinson Foundation on Climate Justice

Men or boys need not apply..

Global warming causing poor education, forced marriage, forced labor, and sexual violenceAmazing what a 0.7C change in temperature over the past 161 years can do. Add them to The List. 

Weathering the Storm: Adolescent Girls and Climate Change
July 19, 2011 By Ms Kanwal Ahluwalia, Gender Equality Advisor, Plan UK
Plan International’s Weathering the Storm: Adolescent Girls and Climate Change highlights the need to better integrate the specific needs of adolescent girls in climate change and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes.
The findings presented in the report are based on interviews with girls involved in Plan International’s programmes in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. We were particularly keen to hear stories from girls themselves in relation to how climate change is impacting on their lives and what they feel that policy makers should do differently. [what specific qualifications do adolescent girls have to assess impacts of climate change and determine policy?]
The impacts of climate change, whether they are gradual changes in agriculture and living conditions or the more cataclysmic effects of a cyclone or flood, are different for different populations. Whilst inevitably children everywhere are badly affected we illustrate how girls, in particular, bear the greater burden. The report evidences how, as a result of climate change, adolescent girls face increases in household responsibilities and are more likely to be forced into work resulting in less time for them to attend school or study at home. It also emphasises the policy and funding gap to address these issues by policy makers. The girls themselves were clear on where they felt that policy priorities should be targeted. They wanted greater access to quality education where they can learn skills to improve their adaptive capacity; greater protection from violence especially early forced marriage, sexual violence and forced labour and they wanted their concerns to be heard and acted upon by policy makers.
To see report click here.