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The Truth Will Set You Free: Women are More Sexual..

The above statement was met with quite a few dissenting comments as some are of the opinion that it's only men who fancy a roll in the hay and that women are basically in the position of either taking it or leaving it. Some would even go so far as to say that the wedding cake was the number one deterrent of sexual favours after slipping on the ring..

Let's have a look as some generalities regarding female sexual behaviour and then see which way she really looks at and behaves towards sex..

Here is an excerpt from some of Marc Rudov's Books..

Myth #1: Women don’t like or need sex as much as men do. It is laughable how many men and women actually believe this myth. Worse is when they insist on clinging to it. Let me tell you that healthy women—those without emotional hangups or medical problems—definitely like and need sex as much as their male counterparts; often their cravings supersede those of men. On one hand, many demonstrative women have told me that men they had dated rejected them for being too sexually expressive.

On the other hand is the woman involved with a secure man, who encourages her, perhaps for the first time in her life, to be as free as she wants to be—emotionally and physically. Frequently, this woman was raised to be sexually passive or even to believe that sex is bad, and she expends a lot of energy in the act of self-repression. After behaving uninhibitedly, “like a man,” she almost cannot believe the difference and is never again the same. Numerous times I have witnessed this sudden metamorphosis first-hand, usually hearing the refrain: “Yes, my mother was definitely wrong! Why did I wait so many years to experience this?”

Now, we hear almost daily from anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed psychotherapists, so-called life coaches, movies, books, magazines, TV, radio, parents, friends, lovers, and standup comics that men and women are wired differently and hopelessly incompatible. We are coached to accept, embrace, and gingerly navigate these differences. Nonsense, I say. If you believe this propaganda, you are part of the problem.

1. If in doubt that women are not that interested in sex then why is there a major world market for vibrators ?
Meet the Tri-Phoria, created by the condom company Trojan after a 2008 study with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University revealed that over half of American women had used vibrators,
And also this. Just to demonstrate that dildos are not a new phenomenon as they have been around for quite a few years..
The world's oldest known dildo is a siltstone 20-centimeter phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago that was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm Germany.[10] Findings of the archaeologists show that ancient Egyptians used dildos 2,500 years ago. Also, these sex toys were known to the ancient Greeks and sometimes depicted in art (see Dildos in Culture).
Sex toys for women are a huge market as the sales for this ONE outlet grossed over 5 Million dollars in one year..
Dr. Berman, a prominent sex and relationship expert, also has a line of sex toys (, which she said grossed $5 million in 2010, up from $100,000 in 2005. After one appearance on “Oprah” that focused on adult women who had problems climaxing, one of her top-selling products, the Aphrodite, “was back-ordered forever,
2. If women are not that into sex than why the number of prostitutes ?

Women Are Sex MachinesOpen the nightstand drawer of almost every woman; what will you find? A vibrator. It’s not for mixing concrete. If she just wants to be held and cuddled, while all he wants is sex, why does she own a vibrator? You figure it out.
Listen to stories about raunchy bachelorette parties, replete with sex toys, sex games, and one-night stands. It sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?
Ask women the main reason they cheat on their boyfriends and husbands: better sex. That’s right. Better sex. Women can’t get enough of it — but they won’t readily admit it.
Cosmopolitan advises women never to settle for “action” that’s less than amazing — and they don’t mean betting on sports teams.
Getting the picture? Women are sex machines, more sexual than men — a source of great embarrassment to many — as I teach in my book, Under the Clitoral Hood.

Name me one instance of either yourself or anyone you know who had a relationship with a female who did not indulge in consensual sexual activity once they bonded ?

Also, why do women always show plenty of skin at any or every opportunity apart from demanding attention plus why is that attention demanded if it's not for sex ?
If the truth about female sexuality were to become common knowledge, the economy would collapse to depths never seen — as men’s magazines, ladies’ nights, Valentine’s Day, wining/dining, and engagement rings would be history. We can’t have that! Nope. People will cling to the false beliefs that reinforce their current lifestyles.

So who is the bigger sucker then ?