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If you check out the biographies of most of these women you would imagine them to be saints. Some are involved in charity work and others, in different areas pertaining to homeless kids, a zoo. schools and students..

One would arrive at the opinion that the sun shines on their innocence and all their efforts were to better the world and all it's occupants..

The other amazing factor is that most of these women are married and have sons. I find their offensive behaviour even harder to comprehend. Do they offend their husbands and their children in the same way or in the same fashion. How is it possible to just exempt oneself from their families and practice that type of behaviour ?.

This is ofcourse the major issue as these women had absolutely no problem laughing and deriding a mutilated male. One does have to ask the question that if these women found that to be hilarious, then what level has the anti-male attitude and the male-hate been elevated and how far up has it reached. How could these women so readily mock and laugh, humiliate and at the same time support the abuser and raise her up to be some type of hero. What mentality do these women possess to have that would allow them to wallow in that gross behaviour without giving any thought to the offence they caused..

Is this how women automatically behave, is this an indicator on the flippant and unthinking behaviour that women now indulge in ?

That is sadly the case. Being offensive and derogatory does appear to be the modus operandi of these type of programs where irrational discussion and irrelevant mundane drivel is the order of the day..

Fortunately, too many were sickened by their disgusting behaviour and the consequences will be a little more severe than just Osbourne going on a break. The rest have to be held accountable as well..

Julie Chen -
As for her personal life, the American beauty of Chinese heritage has been married to president and CEO of CBS Television Leslie Moonves since 2004. 
Sara Gilbert -
 She lives in Los Angeles with her girlfriend and their two children. Her birth date is Jan. 29.
Leah Remini -
Leah lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Angelo Pagán and daughter, and has three stepsons. 
Holly Robinson Peete -
Robinson Peete attended Sarah Lawrence College. She and her husband of 15 years are the proud parents of four children. Currently, they reside in Los Angeles. Her birth date is Sept. 18.
Sharon Osbourne
 She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ozzy Osbourne and has three children. Her birth date is Oct. 9.