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I have on several occasions demonstrated how feminists behave within their own delusional mindset and then demand that the rest of the world should cowtow to their insanity otherwise they will not only bring out the voodoo dolls and pins but also scream and yell like the spoilt children they are until a sufficient amount of similar minded fembots agree to make it happen. So here are a few samples of their ingrained stupidity with which they want to inflict onto the world even though the general population of women really do not want a bar of it, except a few ofcourse but it helps to hand over some folding money..

Women's topless court victory 20 years later

Go topless? No thanks, say most women

The court fight
 This week marks the 20th anniversary of Jacob being charged with committing an indecent act in Guelph, Ont., after walking home with her top off in 33 C weather.Police had acted on a complaint from a mother who was concerned after her young children had seen Jacob walking topless.
In 1991, Jacob was found guilty of one count of committing an indecent act and fined $75. During her court case, she argued that women's breasts are just fat tissue, not unlike men's.
But in his ruling, the judge said a woman's breast is "part of the female body that is sexually stimulating to men both by sight and touch," and should not be uncovered in public.
 Women are reluctant to go topless because of fear — fear of censor by society, fear of being ridiculed and fear of having their breasts compared to those of other women, said Williams.
Williams, a retired teacher, said she occasionally goes topless "and no one blinks an eye" in Vancouver, where the practice has also been accepted after a court fight. She said some men have complained that her breasts weren't "perky" enough when she went topless, but she brushes off that criticism.
 Yes, obviously she does not accept the fact that women will not go topless as then they are compared with other boob carriers and that would lead to jealousy and "hurt feelings"..
She said some men have complained that her breasts weren't "perky" enough when she went topless,
Well, we are the experts and that comment should be taken seriously..

The other one ofcourse was the SlutWalk" that had limited attendance around the world but was criticised by India women to such a degree that they preferred to rename it as well as dress for the occasion in un-slut-like apparel. How embarrassing for the rest as they were informed that they were behaving precisely like what they named the walk to be. So much for sister solidarity..

 Oops, wrong ones..

Slutwalk with Manginas..