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How many more variations can there be. This warped mass murderer via his manifesto states that he was being feminised and that affect or attempt which ever version you prefer, demonstrates how destructive feminism is towards the male Psyche as well as to the state of mind..

Feminism has been driving society to the edge and I have a feeling that this may only be the beginning. One does not have to stray far from feminism to realise it's violent and destructive force that they have unleashed. Having exposed people to their cognitive dissonance may be okay with normal thinking minds which can determine what a hate fest it is and work out some defence towards that but they fail to comprehend the affect it has on an unstable mind and here is a prime example on how it affects unstable people..

Feminism can now make to be the promoters of mass murder apart from their mass murdering of the unborn. What a claim to fame for this sickening and demented doctrine..

Well done..


Breivik is critical of the influence of women in his life saying: 'I do not approve of the super-liberal, matriarchal upbringing though as it completely lacked discipline and has contributed to feminise me to a certain degree.'
Breivik describes his childhood as a happy one with no 'economical troubles' - although he does complain that he was given too much freedom.
He says he had a good relationship with his half-siblings but in particular, Elisabeth who moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago, married and has two children.
He describes disagreements with his half-brother's girlfriend about feminism when 'she almost physically strangled me'.