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They have to fight them off more like it. They are in such high demand that they have to protect themselves from the female predators..

It is fascinating how I have NEVER heard a well off or rich dude, regardless of age, looks, weight or ability to communicate, complain that he could not find any woman to date or have a relationship with. Yeah, I know, It all comes from one side of the track and from the same malcontent who spends most of her time on Eharmony or Plenty of Fish trying to reel in another sucker to cover costs as the last relationship, she was in, she screwed up royally and here you are trying to find someone else to replace it. Sadly though, those women come from a society who not only demonstrated that their slut level is just fine but have installed copious laws protecting their unlimited sensibilities and enshrined it into law while our sex can just run the gauntlet..

I came across this topic, which interested me, as I didn't really give it much thought as it was really a non-issue. It's the women moaning, whining and complaining that they cannot find a partner or have a relationship and it's mostly from the countries where the feminasties have controlled their little minds..

Doing it for Money. The Biggest Sex Farm in Texas.. 
Now they are paying for it and they just don't like it. They were sucked into the "euphoria" vortex without giving it any consideration and now it payback time and they are, well, almost speechless. We hear the usual " why doesn't someone want me as I am such a loveable person", which may well be the case but you also come with so much excess baggage that no one can afford you. A man would be better off hiring people to perform the work that an American Woman (wife) would turn her nose up at. It would be cheaper in the long term as one does not have to be reamed dry in the divorce courts (a simple method of transferring cash from any male to the privileged princesses)and that is one major obstacle that all men face whenever they indulge in a relationship with any female. Although, women from overseas appear to be a better bargain as they have not so far been contaminated by the feminist hate-fest that makes any western female distinctly avoidable..