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Yesterday, I responded to an article that Roissy posted on his predominately PUA (Pick up Artists) website when the author had a little slang at MRA's and the MM in general. The item in question was included on their Manifesto post as -

7) MRAs express a female-like neuroticism because they whine and focus so much on what could happen.
My response to that item was one of incredulity, I find that the general malaise that some men have towards the Men's Movement is either nonplussed or in some cases downright blase as well as being derogatory. They interpret the behaviour to be, that either we are imagining the situation incorrectly or that there is a need for the MRM is somewhat questionable as their incomprehensible saying applies "I am alright Mate, FU", so who really give a damn about anyone else is unfortunately the attitude of some..

 Fidelbogen too, had a few words to say regarding their malaise and correctly explained the situation for what it really is along with quite a few others including myself..

Fidelbogen“What’s the difference between a PUA and an MRA? An MRA is a political thinker.
A PUA tends to be apolitical, “naturalistic” in his ethics, oriented toward the social microcosm, and more concerned with personal power and status within said microcosm.
MRAs have no “stated goals”. They are for the most part theorists and agitators. Their modus operandi is to slowly crank up the heat and pressure on feminism by means of their writings, and by indirect channels of influence. They are also highly effective in raising the level of social consciousness and bringing new recruits on board.
The unstated goal of the MRA sector is to inflict “death by a thousand cuts” upon feminism.
MRAs and PUAs, ideally, ought to exist in a happy and mutually beneficial state of symbiosis, with each attending to its duties in its own sphere. Unfortunately, one of those sectors is shitting the bed in a pretty serious way — and I shall tactfully refrain from saying which side I mean. ;)

I have in the past listed links and posted articles from the Roissy site as I found it fascinating how men could, via a set of specific routines, easily access any female company and companionship at will and that they were actually enthralled by it, was even more telling. Being able to manipulate the opposite sex at will encouraged my following of that site for reasons more of it's psychological application rather than it's inevitable outcome. The Roissy site also on the odd occasion displayed some interesting articles that were of benefit to the Movement and explained issues that not only hit the point but were soundly argued. Roissy's site for all intent and purposes is a male friendly site that promoted various positive values as well as educating Men on the methodology of poon, pussy chasing or should that be pussy worshiping..

What appalled me was the general malaise I witnessed in some of the comments as some insinuated or stated that MRA's are either frustrated men incapable of wallowing in their presumed purview of pussy worshipping (a feminist mantra) or decided that the actions undertaken were a result of being unable to pursue a normal existence with a member of the opposite sex (another feminist mantra applied) which is ofcourse totally untrue as well as an unwarranted presumption..

So this issue has been exposed as it would appear that some do consider the MRM to be something that it's not regardless of their ill considered opinion or in some cases, it did demonstrate that they were infiltrated by feminised manginas who were quite happy to put that opinion across. Some also inferred that the MGTOW movement suffered from similar causation. Both those comments are not only totally incorrect, but laughable.

Just because a man decides that pussy worshiping is not a practical or sane pastime does in no way indicate they have issues with the opposite sex as inferred. Some men choose to not spend their time chasing skirt for the pure and simple outcome of depositing spawning seed, just to engage in bragging rights.
We do not all spend our days in that pursuit, living that grand chase, the continual pursuance of chasing women for sex via that game is not an honourable pastime in my opinion, but purely narcissistic, and those that undertake that have their own reasons ofcourse, which is fine with me. but it is not one that I condone or even encourage. To my way of thinking, life is more than just sex and should not be all about just one outcome but should also include something more noble such as the pursuit of dignity, honour and happiness whatever you deem that to be. So my original comment stands..
christian J.I find it incredible that any male would turn against a movement that works to ensure your normal human rights are not destroyed. That is ofcourse unless you’re a feminist adherent. A couple of which I notice here..