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You may remember that I have written about this Mangina or as Manual Dexter recommends a “male apologist for female supremacy”, before and the poor bugger just had some miserable little blog so I sent some traffic his way, so people could have a good belly laugh as he goes about trying to justify not only the hate movement that he promotes but also tries to encourage men to behave like women even though female feminists hate male feminists and deride them as being mommy boys, rapists, porn addicts and of having mother issues and that they were wasting the time of "REAL" feminists, but they continue anyway..

What can I say. They obviously do suffer from a hearing, listening or reading problem.. For more about manginas or “male apologist for female supremacy” have a listen to my podcast on the Inaugural Mangina Awards..

jovan b. has left a new comment on your post "Not the Mother's Child: Hell breaks loose, Fathers...":(no link)

3,055 posts and ALL of the posts that are about feminists are either LIES or outright slanderous attacks. I actually pity you all on here.
Ms. Valenti, Ms. Marcotte and I have all acknowledged that female on male domestic violence do occur. In fact, I have written quite a bit of posts about that, including a fatal case from the Upstate town of Waterloo, S.C.
Funny that out of 3,055 posts, exactly ZERO of them mention male-on-female domestic violence. Misogynists are what misogynists are.
Oh no! not the "M" word..
So here we have another example of their strawman argument, as they find it a little difficult trying out their usual self-induced, self-generated and self-prepared statistics which they claim as being one hundred percent correct even though one of those other manginas was challenged by Paul Elam to debate their monstrous lies and falsely generated information, but he gave up, tucking his tail between his legs and went home. A sorry, beaten mess. You can also check the feminist "Good Men Project" site supported by feminist Ms Magazine and feminist Jezebel site among a few who pay for and promote that fake men's site..

Now, do you honestly believe that this clown actually read all of my 3055 posts, some of which run into multiple pages which would take at least a minimum of two minutes each to read, minimum, so that's 6110 minutes and that would take 101 Hours to read. or at least take over 4 days reading it, 24 hours a day..

Ofcourse he did not do that because feminists are only capable of lying and making some minutiae attempt at denigrating or try to ridicule MRAs. It's in their thinned out blood. He is akin to the little lad who takes his ball home because no one wants to play with him..

Secondly, this is a men's rights site and I promote men's issues not like male feminists, who have no problem turning against their own sex. So those comments are just beyond ridiculous. Why would I even bother when those clowns promote that endlessly already. That's just being immature..

And don't forget this remark as he ridicules readers of this blog  as being pitiful,
JovanB "I actually pity you all on here"
Desperation comes in all forms ofcourse as people witness feminasties such as himself as being ignored and ridiculed endlessly, as they try to muster some modicum of support but who, really wants to have anything to do with these wimps anyway..

Now just a little reminder of who this little child is..
I am a 2002 graduate of Williston-Elko High School and live in western Barnwell County, 20 miles east of Aiken. I am a nudist, sex-positive feminist man and prog-rock fanatic. Favorite musicians include Dixie Chicks, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I like Desperate Housewives,Grey's Anatomy, the Bad Girls Club, and Private Practice. My favorite TV show is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. My blog is rated NC-17 for nudity and extreme language.
But that's not all he listens to and supports apparently, have a look at this collection..

Really..What else would you expect..

What a class act this wimp is as he follows in the footsteps of other "fresh meat" male feminist predators, proudly following in the footsteps of such feminist manginas as Schwyzer and other self confessing feminist  lunatics..

I won't start on those two other female feminists whom you can Google and have a read of the male-hating, cognitive dissonance drivel they pen, been there, done that..

And he crtiques this blog, he must be bored. Maybe I might take him seriously when he can demonstrate a hit rate like this..1,175,738, that's over one million, which ofcourse just freaks them out..

As usual, they try, they fail, but they do really amuse me..


I cannot go past this excellent comment posted just a few minutes ago. Thanks for that Anon..

 Anonymous said...
"Ms. Valenti, Ms. Marcotte and I have all acknowledged that female on male domestic violence do occur."
Oh,I think I read that piece. Wasn't that the one called "I hit my man" or something where you guys all back-slapped each other over female on male domestic violence and how much you could get away with?
No, we in the MRM aren't really talking all that much about male on female domestic violence, but with the entire news media at your disposal just aching to print or show stories about nasty male abusers hurting some poor innocent woman, I think you'll get along ok without us.
We're telling the other side of the story, because you don't. When you DO, there won't be any MRA's because we won't see a need to fulfill that function anymore and you can go on and on all day about nasty male abusers,provided you give truthful information and balance it out by telling the other side.
Seriously, you feminists have got to be the dumbest group of motherfuckers that ever walked this earth. You don't like MRA's talking harshly about feminism so you come here and give us this "slanderous lies" bullshit when you guys could extinguish the entire men's rights movement by practicing a little intellectual honesty and basic fucking compassion for ALL victims.If you'd done it 50 years ago, the MRM wouldn't even exist right now.
We're not ideologues. We don't want to be doing this. We'd rather be skiing or surfing or playing tennis or reading Dickens or some shit. Fuck,being a misogynist requires some kind of ideological commitment to hating women, we don't hate anybody, we just want the boot off our fucking necks for long enough to breathe every once in a while,but you assholes call asking that basic Constitutional rights for men be upheld "whining",so we have to put our asses out there just trying to keep from being swept off into gas chambers in the next 10 years or so.
Fuck yes, we're going to attack you. We don't much like the idea of being required to prove a negative in court or go to jail and be raped for 20 years,like your Valenti wants here in the States.For fuck's sake, stop and think about it. YOU can't prove that tiny invisible leprechauns don't throw tea parties in your asshole every night,so how the fuck are you gonna prove you didn't rape a woman if the two of you had consensual sex and there's physical evidence that links you to her as a result?
So yeah, until you motherfuckers cut the illogical,spiteful, misandric, bigoted shit the fuck out, here we are. And we're gonna get bigger,and we're gonna get meaner,we're gonna keep attacking you, because you represent a direct threat (as in the imminent possibility of being literally assraped) to our well-being as regular, everyday men.
You want us to go away? This earnest feminist crap won't get you anywhere, we've seen this ruse before. No, if you want us to go away, you need to start addressing the issues we're addressing, and you need to do it without blaming the victims-the MALE VICTIMS-of women
Of course,the day that happens, we'll all be making snow angels in nethermost Pandemonium.
July 17, 2011