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I find it fascinating how feminists can claim not to be sexist or even to be non-male-hating when their every action, every word ushering from their mouths and even the explanation of their doctrine permeates hate like stench seeping from a carcase. Feminists would be better of claiming that the sea is red and the sky is chocolate rather than trying to demystify their hate message..

Have a look at any feminist site if ever you are in doubt or wish to take some mystic viewpoint. Go ahead, have a look at feministe or Salon or feministing just to whet your appetite. Misandry (male hate) reigns supreme in that movement and it warrants zero clarification or evidence as they have demonstrated that beyond doubt..

But still they lie about that just as they do about the power women have generally. In their version women have no power at all because their doctrine does not want to recognise that as the funds, the millions, relies on women being sole victims on this planet. A planet by the way, occupied by two sexes and not just one..

The ever thinking Snark..

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Oops! Feminists Admit That They Are Vulgar Sexists

One common form of attack used against those who point out misandry is to state that "it's not sexism when it's against men, because sexism is hatred plus institutional power."

The implication being, that women do not possess institutional power, therefore one of the two conditions required for behaviour to be deemed sexist is not fulfilled.

Leaving aside the absolutely laughable assertion that women do not possess institutional power - in fact they possess far more than men - this is an entirely arbitrary definition of sexism, which is invoked only to defy those who wish to hold women morally accountable.

However, they make one notable admission - that indeed, they do hate men.

In response to the accusation "that is sexist," they do not say, "no, it is not sexist, because we do not hate men."

What they say is, "no, it's not sexist, because sexism is hatred plus institutional power. And women have no institutional power."


If they didn't hate men, they would be denying the accusation of hatred - wouldn't they?

They wouldn't be suggesting some alternative, arbitrary definition of sexism that exculpates them from the charge.

They would be saying "we don't hate men," not "hatred of men is not sufficient for this behaviour to be deemed sexist."

They are outright admitting that the hatred of men is there.

But they think that hatred is okay, because it's not paired with institutional power - so they think.

Only, feminists are very clear on one thing: that they want to give women that institutional power.

Yes, a feminist would never deny that she wants to give women "the same institutional power" as men - although, in fact, they already possess far more.

Still, if men can be sexist - because they possess institutional power, supposedly - then the same would be true of women, if or when they possess institutional power - correct?

So, feminists have admitted that they hate men; and they have also admitted that they want women to possess the institutional power that would turn this hatred into 'sexism', as they themselves have defined it!


Every time they bring up this argument, feminists admit that they are vulgar sexists.

Disgusting, vile pigs.

Each and every one of them.

Without exception.

Of course, those of us who have been paying close attention know that women already possess far greater institutional power and privilege than men have done at any point in history.

And so, even on the feminists' arbitrary and self-serving definition of 'sexism', they are the most egregious sexists of all time.

Laughing at an innocent, elderly man who was drugged, stripped, tied to a bed and genitally mutilated because he asked for a divorce? Mocking him on national television? Referring to his mutilation as "delightful"?

As if this isn't sexism.

As if this isn't hatred.

As if this isn't institutional power that is being used intentionally to persecute those who have already suffered the most abominable cruelty.

And you must keep this in mind: if ever such a horrible crime were to be perpetrated against you, they would be laughing just as hard at you.

Not just the women on talk shows.

But women on the streets.

Women at work.

Even the women in your own home.


Because they can.

And because they get off on the cruelty.

And because, like the feminists that they take their lead from, many of them are vulgar sexists.

So, the question is: what are you going to do about it?

- Snark