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There would appear to be justice in this world. Not that long ago I did post some rather interesting facts about the feminastie movement with the following party of lapdogs called feminised manginas and lo and behold, we have this..

It does appear that Gabrielle is just one of many millions of women who were conned by the great feminist lie and finally realised that that road leads to misery, loneliness as well as a deep founded sense of loss. As I have no time for those demented and blatantly ignorant feminised women, I do have time for someone who has finally woken up and seen the light, the truth that feminists go out of their way to hide and dissuade..

As I’ve written in my profile, I’m a:

“Single, childless, 'career' (ugh) woman in her early 40s who's just woken up to the fact that for her whole life she's been sold a cruel lie by feminism. This has left me bereft, cut off from my true femininity and devoid of male love and nurturance that is vital to make me whole. I hope that it is not too late to change the damage that has been wrought on my life and my psyche, and that I can become to the fully-fledged wife, mother and lover that is my birthright.”

Even though I had done “everything right” that my parents and society asked of me; I went to university, worked hard and got a good job, I found myself facing my 42nd birthday feeling desperately empty and lacking in purpose. I didn’t understanding where it had all gone so wrong. I would cry myself to sleep for lack of a good man to hold me at night. So I’m solvent and ‘independent’, that word so abused by feminists. Well, I can tell you that a career is no consolation for the lack of love and companionship that I have never found. Why has this happened? Because feminism tricked me into becoming a pseudo-man, has stripped me of my feminine power and castrated my fellow men.

Inhabiting this emotional desert I came across Henry Makow’s ‘Cruel Hoax’ and with each turn of the page the true horror of the deception that had been perpetrated on my very being became ever more apparent. I am still reeling from the shock and feel as though I have been hit by a freight train. I am devastated.

So where do I go from here? Is it too late for me? Can I find my inner womanhood and repair the damage of decades of feminist propaganda? I truly hope so. Joining this forum is one step in that direction. I believe we can help each other out of this mess. I feel for the guys just as much as I feel pain for my own loss. We have all been conned.

I see there are a lot of men on this forum (and so there should be!) but I wonder if there are also women here who are in a similar position to me.