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Allure magazine offered support for this new trend when their 2011 Beauty Survey found "64 percent of all our respondents think women of mixed race represent the epitome of beauty."...In 2011, Allure also announced that Angelina Jolie had replaced Christie Brinkley as the new face of beauty, proclaiming there was "no longer such a thing as an all-American look." Americans, they said, "have branched out beyond the Barbie-doll ideal and embraced something quite different."

-While 73 percent of women said that a curvier body type is more appealing than it had been in 1991, 85 percent still said they wish their own hips were narrower.

-93 percent of women said the pressure to look young today is greater than ever before.

-In the 1991 beauty survey, men said women were at their most beautiful at age 31. In 2011, that ideal age had been reduced to 28.

-86 percent of men said that they wanted to weigh less as compared to 97 percent of women.

The above article is the usual bit of nascent belief that those childish glad mags promote as they do, really have a religious following to such a degree that it's almost akin to a drug habit, those magazines repeat over and over again the same inane message they promoted 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and still the record player is stuck on stupid. But their addicted audience still pay their abeyance while absorbing the drivel and change their lives accordingly..

All I have noticed over the last ten years is that one of the preconditions of the front cover is to have at least one diet with questionable results, if not downright unhealthy and the other condition is to have either some member of royalty or some narcissistic example of womanhood lacking a good feed..

So to the survey we go and immediately we notice the narcissism arise as it just demonstrates how unhappy everyone is generally about their weight, their hip size, the age of their anatomy, it's not as if the plastic surgeons are not busy enough implanting, cutting and dicing, vacuuming and filing as well as readjusting bodies to smaller sizes..

I was always of the opinion that beauty was in the eye of the beholder plus it's only skin deep. Character and behaviour in my opinion is much more important than the shape of the nose or eyebrows. But heh, I may just be a realist rather than a follower of fairy tales. I cannot see the benefit of trying to achieve the impossible goals set by magazines whose sole object in life is to sell advertising..