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This article has a lot of merit as I have witnessed often enough how easily women can manipulate men to do their bidding. I remember one example where a tiny 5ft slightly built female was lecturing her 6'4' 120 Kg boyfriend for some reason or another but I still have that image of her pointing her finger upwards at the guy who was stooped over to hear what she was saying..

They possess a great power there and they know it. It has been sharpened, honed and perfected over eons and it's another example of the power that females have that the lying feminists totally deny. But as with all knowledge, spreading that knowledge will readjust that imbalance..

Just bear in mind though that that power only works if the guy she is trying to manipulate actually gives a stuff..

The Red Pill has it's appropriate affect..

To Act or Be Acted Upon..
By Elder Swami

I was at a bed and breakfast in Delhi having a conversation with my parents and the B & B owners (who were an elderly married couple) when something was said that got me thinking. During this conversation the elderly woman made the infamous statement “if women ruled the world there would be much more peace.” Although this was about a year before I officially had my first red pill hit, it annoyed me and I immediately objected. I can’t remember what else was said that day, but I just knew that what she said was wrong, yet I couldn’t think of a good reason why.
This question resurfaced when self-proclaimed feminist Michael Moore (I hate that guy), while on a talk show discussing feminism, asked the question “who would you be more scared of walking down the street, a man or a woman?” He also made the comment “I don’t see any women building factories that pollute the ocean” (
I hated to admit it but when thinking about it I thought he had a point, are men really just plain evil?
I pondered these questions over and over until a significant verse of scripture suddenly came to mind “He (God) hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon.” (2 Nephi 2:26) this made me realise something, everything was clear.
I wouldn’t be scared of Hitler walking down the street, as I know he did not directly act out the violence he was responsible for, yet he is one the most evil men in history.
I also wouldn’t be afraid of Lorena Bobbitt if I saw her walking down the street either, but that doesn’t stop her from being an extremely sick and twisted individual.
It’s true, I don’t see women building factories that pollute, but then again I don’t see women building factories at all. The factories that are responsible for the great comfortable lifestyle we live, the mass production of the food and clothing we need, the houses we live in etc. Factories are overall a source of good, and I’m sure that smug asshole Michael Moore has no problem reaping the rewards of their production (and is probably stuffing his face with processed food as we speak).
This is because men are the “actors” of our race; they have always been there to do what was and is necessary for man’s survival.
When looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the two most basic and important levels of the hierarchy (physiological and safety needs) have always been and still are looked after by men almost exclusively. Yet as always, with actions come consequences; some good some bad. In the pursuit of success some men make mistakes; some men do the wrong thing.
Women on the other hand are less likely to personally take action, but have historically relied on men to do things for them. They have chosen to be “acted upon.”
Just Imagine you were lost in the forest and the path you were following split in two, and you knew that only one of them would lead you home. In this situation you actually have three options’ one take the path on the right (act), two take the path on the left (act) and three sit on your butt and wait for help (be acted upon). If you choose to act and take one of the paths you take the risk of failing. If you choose to sit and wait you do avoid the chance of failure yet you also rule out success, your fate is no longer in your hands. By choosing to sit and wait for help women have largely remaining free of mistakes. But would that immediately qualify them to be your navigator?
Just because women are not typically known for directly acting out and doing evil things does not make them less capable of evil or making mistakes. Women are equally capable of evil yet are more likely to act on it passively.
Women have been naturally endowed with a great ability for manipulation, as through it they can influence men to do their work for them. For example, a few months ago my brother nearly got beaten up after telling a woman that she should control her noisy dogs. He walked past this woman’s house everyday on the way to work and was just sick of being barked and growled at. The night after making the complaint the woman had gotten her husband to wait outside the house for my brother in order to “sort him out.” Fortunately I was able to get there and diffuse the situation before it got physical.
The point here is that although the woman did not inflict or attempt to inflict the violence herself. It was her desire that violence be inflicted on my brother, thus she is equally responsible for it, and guilty of doing wrong.
As a result of women’s passive nature there are few women of note for doing great evil historically, (a point that feminists hit on time and time again), yet at the same time there are very few women of note for great acts of good, or in fact any form of action at all.
You win some you lose some, it’s a fact of life. But choosing not to play does not make you a winner by default.