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I am as incredulous as Alcuin in regards to the total and unexplainable apathy that men in general demonstrate consistently without thought or reason..

And still, most men don't oppose this in some way. Fucking amazing.
Why would anyone not fight against injustice, fight against losing your basic human rights, fight against the insane Family Law court laws and decisions, fight against the unsustainable billions spent on the privileged sex and then just allow yourself to be relegated to subhuman, third class citizens and not even utter a word in protest. To me that is totally incomprehensible..

If you were surprised by Sharon Osbourne's comments, then you have been living on the moon. This is the sort of man-hatred with which most men grow up. Judging by the vast numbers of manginas out there, it is an attitude with which most men live in their daily lives as well. Countless men have accepted it, unfortunately. This hatred forms the background music, the air we breathe - which is what feminazis want.
Normalized contempt. That is what Sharon Osbourne and her crew represent. It's tiring to once again repeat the mantra, "If male TV personalities had been talking about a woman who had had her breasts cut off, they would have been fired almost immediately - after a vicious public media lynching (and who knows how many marches)." It's tiring to repeat: "No one seems to care about the castrated man and the man-hatred that the action has brought out of the woodwork."
It's tiring because no one cares because it's normalized malice.
This normalization goes back a few decades for myself personally, and for all men in general. Family members, including sisters, and teachers, professors, co-workers have all talked like this countless times in my presence, enjoying the thought of a castrated men the way we enjoy the thought of a fine wine, or great cheese.
Misandry runs deeply in our culture. Even family is no escape from the animus towards men.
The entire sick adventure, from the story of another castrated man, another violent, psychotic woman, Katherine Kieu Becker, to the Osbourne-sponsored guffaws, possesses a certain trivialization, a ho-humness.
The hatred of men is normalized, paralleling the normalization of the destruction of fatherhood. It's a daily fact in our culture that men are ruined by Eat Pray Love-inspired bitches. This universalization of misandry and the actions it inspires reflects feminism's massive triumph.
And still, most men don't oppose this in some way. Fucking amazing.