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It is without doubt that when anyone sends an email, letter or makes a phonecall to any recalcitrant, stupid enough to stick their head out into the open by making deliberate and obnoxious remarks against any and all men or boys, they deserve the HORDE AFFECT. This method was utilised very well by Glenn Sacks whenever he came across any issue that was either totally biased against all men, obviously anti-male or just plain sexist without any consideration to the Male opinion of this world..

Glenn perfected his "Horde Mode" to such a degree that the recipients would indeed stand up and notice, that affect was overwhelming, any business or gov. department whenever they receive around 5000 Plus emails or faxes or phone calls or letters via snailmail, it will have the appropriate affect due solely to it's number. It was and still is a very affective method to change the anti-male bias that now permeates society without those culprits even giving it any consideration. The anti-male bias is entrenched and we, the public, the society, the holder of public opinion, should and will make every effort to change that mentality so those people involved will sit up and listen and PAY ATTENTION. Our time is long overdue and the rise of public opinion, especially on the Internet, is achievable, operational and highly affective..

We need to develope it, as we have done regarding that obnoxious program called "The Talk" where we garnered resources and affectively made them sit up and pay attention. The removal of Sharon "mutilating a man is funny" Osbourne was a direct result of that effort and I do not think that is making any assumption. We are public opinion and we need to concentrate that effort and work against the feminists and their male-hating doctrine..

So all those of you who participated in removing Osbourne and making your opinion count, a big thank you from all in the MRM. It works and it's highly affective..

We will wait for the next issue to arrive and we will call out to the "MRM Horde", the warriors, to remove and change public opinion. It's long overdue..