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Feminists did not like this one..
Let's have a round-up for the past couple of weeks just to demonstrate how busy the MRM is at fighting the scourge that is feminism and the obvious biases and hate that movement pursues..

First is the Rights of Men article with translation to demonstrate that the male hating is not just in your country but world wide while every one just ignores it..
Derechos de los HombresSólo es sexista si lo hacen los hombres - Vean este vídeo con subtítulos los que lo necesiten. Rights of Men It is only sexist if men do - Watch this video with subtitles that need.
Next the ever present German MRA ..
Gedanken zum Osloer Anschlag -Das schreckliche Ereignis vom letzten Freitag hält immer noch halb Europa in Atem (die andere Hälfte ist damit beschäftigt, gegen "Rechtspopulisten" zu het
 Thoughts on the Oslo stop the terrible events of last Friday's semi-occupied Europe is still holding its breath (the other half is so against "right-wing populist" to het ..
Next we have Englands Number MRA in AngryHarry who would have to be granted as the main instigator of the MRM..
Left wing feminists and toadies are trying everything they can to malign all men and cast them into some lunatic's mold..
The recent massacre by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway is being portrayed by the left-wing media (such as the BBC) as being motivated by extreme right-wing groups - the idea, as ever, being to demonise and, hence, to intimidate, as much as possible, anybody who does not support their malicious self-serving agenda.
But if you look more closelyat the evidence, it is quite clear that, if anything, it was the various machinations and rhetoric engaged in by the deceitful LEFT that infuriated this man.
Here is another Spanish site..
FEMILISTASE scandaloso caso de discriminación por ser hombre - Juan Acacio lleva ocho meses sin ver a su hija, desde que la madre la sustrajera con el beneplácito judicial y la impunidad feminísima de la perspectiva de...
Fighting Feminism is another example of the broad network that the MRM movement have developed..
Fighting Feminism Suicide - Suicide rates in countries throughout the world As you can see, from data lifted from the World Health Organisation in 1999, male suicides by far outweigh...
ManWomanMyth have a huge collection of videos they have produced and generated promoting the anti-male bias that permeates the world..
Man Woman & Myth
Latest YouTube: Man’s Penis Cut Off: What is a Man Worth? -Addressing the cutting off of a man's penis by Catherine Kieu Becker, July 2011.
And ofcourse we have Men Going Their Own Way..
MGTOW The Delusion Women Continue to Perpetuate - Below is an article published by the Times of India that attempts to reinforce the delusion that females-tending-towards-a-more-mature-disposition continue...
The False Rape Society does an excellent job of pointing out that horrendous crimes thirves against mankind..
The False Rape SocietyNews report of rape that turned out to be false suggests that news media needs to proceed with greater care - The following news story raises critically important issues about the way rape claims are covered by the mainstream news media. The issues are complex, and...
We the Men on the Rape of Men, a topic completely ignored by feminised governments and Gov. departments who are supposed to give a damn..
We the Men "The Rape of Men" - Will Storr Sexual violence is one of the most horrific weapons of war, an instrument of terror used against women. Yet huge numbers of men are also victims...
 We have "Things are Bad" look at -
What is a mangina?
First of all, I'll say I didn't really care for the term "mangina" at first. It didn't sit right with me because it seemed like a cheap insult. But in fact, it's the best, most efficient way to describe a man who worships women and hates men.
Things Are Bad
We have the females lining up as well taking potshots at feminism and their inane behaviour..
Women Against MenWomen Less Likely To Multitask Than Men - Over the years we have been hearing the myth than women are supposedly better at multitasking than men. The source of this myth has sometimes been explaine...
And ofcourse Alcuin,
Alcuin - What do they eat for breakfast? - A feminist "Christian" theologian discussing - or should I say "whining about"? - Islam, talking in class with her retarded feminist students about how ter...
 The Antimisandry Forum, always full of good discussions and good people trying to make a difference, no topic is ignored, even this one.. - Melodic Death Metal: Omnium Gatherum - This is one of my new favorite bands and I love this song by them: The Return The Lyrics: Pick...
Toy Soldier, another member of the battalion and justly so..
Toy Soldiers‘Terrorist’ does not equal ‘madman’ or ‘insane’ - When a tragedy like the Olso killings happens, people have a bad habit of writing off the killer as crazy or insane. They do this even when the person clea...

I could go on and on but I will do a few more of these to demonstrate beyond doubt that the MRM is a force to deal with and the sooner you come onside the better, we will defeat those male hating feminists, it's that simple..