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It would appear that naval gazing Hugo Schwyzer has finally bitten off more than he can chew. This feminist hypocrite bleated about the fact that he shagged some female who got pregnant and SHE decided without proof or DNA test, that her boyfriend is the Father and thereby given wimp boy an opportunity to forgo his responsibility of even identifying the child as his own. Not that he actually gave a damn ofcourse. He thought that was funny and crowed about it on his site..

Not only is it a precondition of being a male feminist to be infected with a severe case of cognitive dissonance but other conditions must also be absent such as honour, dignity, reliability, foresight, responsibility and a copious amount of other characteristics of what makes a man, the man he is. Obviously, male feminists are exempted..

Some comments to Schwyzer's article..(no link)

Here he tries to justify his disgusting stance by introducing the standard feminist strawman argumentation methodology which consists of imaginary and misleading suppositions..

Hugo Schwyzer
Girly-Man Hugo Schwyzer
It’s telling that the atavistic fear of cuckolding still runs so strong in the men’s rights activists. And given that so many of them are associated with the “father’s rights” movement, it’s telling as well that their definition of “father” is so fragile, so contingent, so limited, and so utterly narcissistic.
This feminist clone does appear to have a major issue on his hand as his rant did receive a few responses..

239 Responses to ““Cuckolding is the worst thing that can happen to a man”” and here are some of them..

I’d like to see how you would react if it was a female being similarly deceived about her progeny, future, emotions and fiances by her male partner. 
Anyway, the men’s movement has rejected your position, most of the readers at Jezebel have rejected your position. Rad-fems have dismissed you as a rapist and “just another overprivileged dilettante”. The only support you are get is from Tom, who is another woman firster and some the naive kids that come here with you from your classes.

You Hugo like many feminists are a flat out liar and you go out of your way to misrepresent the mens and father rights movement and its member. I identify as an MRA (we are the real egalitarians, not woman worshipers like you) I was adopted, I have considered bringing another mans child up as my own and I have paid for an other mans abortion, which is the flip side of that I suppose.
I feel the one with narcissistic traits here is you. Your preaching, your judging, your re-framing of your bad behaviour as heroic behaviour, apparent lack of empathy, warping of reality and the truth and need for constant approval from women all point to traits of personality disorder.

I just don’t want my life to be based on a lie, why is that bad? Yes, I have insecurities. So what? Men can have fears and insecurities as well. I am EXTREMELY bothered that Hugo’s behavior is not punishable by law and some even understand it. If I were Ted, my life would be destroyed. ‘Cuckolding Is the Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Man’ is 100% accurate for me. 
Hugo and Jill did to another man what is one of the most horrible things that I can imagine happening to a man. And he is proud of it, not any sympathy towards Ted. YUCK. He should be in prison.