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Women are more sexual than Men..

This is the third post on this topic as it is one that men have to comprehend and understand as the fallacy "that men are more sexual" is untrue, there is also a plethora of examples in recorded history that women are more sexual and that claim is being denied and played down accordingly..

Here are the two previous posts on that issue..

Women are Sex Machines: Don't Tell Anyone..

Women do not want to promote this fact as there is a distinct advantage for them to maintain the status quo. Also, they do not want to appear to be overly sexed to their friends as that would provoke criticism even though they keep their own dirty laundry under wraps..

It is worth more to them than anyone can actually imagine. Have a look at the financial benefits this illusion obtains. Millions of dollars are spent daily to seek the favour of the opposite sex and they are quite happy receiving any type of bribery for their favours like jewelry, vehicles, clothing, expense accounts or credit cards. You name it, they are laughing all the way to the bank. Women for their part and we already know how stingy they are with their own money, claim that that money is owed them as it's their due as most of their money is utilised into making themselves look pretty (to their own standard or current magazine version) and sexy for the obvious reason..

I have already shown that archaeologists have dug up copious samples including dildos as far back as 30,000 years and those finds also include items such as the usual trinkets one would expect a female to have like necklaces, brooches, bangles, etc and even statues of women as well. We have written proof from the Greek and Roman era waxing lyrical about the opposite sex, both positive and negative. In every one of those cases we have indication that women were on top of their game and that was self survival, breeding and incubating relentlessly..
There are even records from Roman periods where women were bragging about having several husbands which at that time was popular apparently..

The unusual side affect of feminism was that men had to research and uncover more about women as they had declared themselves to be the enemy and we had to learn what made that enemy tick. What it's thoughts and behaviour were in order to determine how to bring it down a couple of notches, off it's lofty, self-imposed pedestal. Which I might add was not just built by men alone but also encouraged by that same sex as well ofcourse..

There were indeed two aspect of the female's sexual activities which I did not cover in previous posts when I demonstrated that women were indeed more sexual than men and those were -

1. Female Teachers humping underage children..
2. Cougars - older women banging younger lads..

Those female teachers have been at it for some considerable time, maybe even longer than we realise. It was regarded in the past that any student "lucky" enough to hop in between the sheets with one of those younger female school teachers were actually the lucky ones and I have heard those same stories told when I was in high school and I am sure some of you would have too. But now as we learn of more and more cases ending up in front of the pro-female courts, we can now also see and hear the psychological affect those adult women have on those young boys and it would appear that they were not lucky as all but just victims of an obvious sexual deviant who was incapable of controlling their own sex drive..

That list is forever expanding as female teachers (Female Pedophiles) have obviously no issues with shagging young children barely old enough to climax..

The second item on the list is the so called new concept of the "Cougar". Older women dating or marrying younger men and there again it appears to have reached some type of saturation point as studies have only recently demonstrated that those women will indeed die earlier via a relationship where the male is way younger than the women. Obviously, as women get older that canal does tend to suffer from ongoing abuse and it's not within their ability to withstand such even though they imagine it can..

Women with much younger husbands may die younger on average because they experience more stress

So there you have it. Women go out of their way to get more sex with the use of new products that make them look younger, plastic surgery, revealing clothing, endless therapies and massages, all designed to present themselves onto the "fresh meat" market..

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