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This is how toxic feminists have made all men and boys..

Bear in mind also that feminists have no interest in boys except maybe to allow female teachers sexually abusing them as they voice not a single protest on that point..

Those bigots and feminist enforcers follow that group-think that philosophers have predicted many years ago would be the case and feminist leaders would be well aware of that warning. It's akin to the same group-think that eventuated in the Nazi era against the Jews and I use that example only because it is the only recent comparison that comes to mind that compares precisely what feminists have encouraged..

From FRS.. 
'. . . It’s a wonder I allow myself near my sons'Iconoclast Chad Hermann has no use for ideological purity, political correctness, or partisanship. His political views are all over the map, and his Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blog can best be described as a repudiation of bullshit.  He's the guy who demolished the one-in-four lie: see here.  Among other things, this is what he wrote today:
"• This past Tuesday in Pocatello, Idaho, some parents saw an old man taking pictures of children in a public park. They approached him, yelled at him to stop, and immediately called the police. When officers arrived, they discovered the man had been taking pictures of his grandson, whom he had brought to the park to play. An updated media report — that’s right; a local television station ran a story about a suspicious man before anything had been confirmed or investigated — eventually declared that police [were] no longer worried about the man, and he is not suspicious. Which is doubtless a relief to grandfathers, aged uncles, and prematurely gray-haired men everywhere.
"• Forget that none of those paranoiacs bothered to talk to the old man before calling the cops or verbally assaulting him, and just ask yourself: what was the more likely outcome there? That the man was related to one of the children? Or that he was some sort of stark-raving, playground-stalking pedophile?
"• It’s a wonder I allow any of my male friends or relatives near my sons. For that matter, it’s a wonder I allow myself near my sons."